for­ever & al­ways Cringe-wor­thy re­la­tion­ship con­fes­sions to make you smile

Whether it’s a clas­sic move or a cringe-wor­thy date gone wrong, th­ese re­la­tion­ship con­fes­sions will make you smile

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me­mory lane

Be­fore we even started dat­ing, my hus­band and I used to go on nightly strolls around our neigh­bour­hood. He fi­nally asked me for an of­fi­cial din­ner date be­fore one of our walks. As we walked down the path, I no­ticed signs posted ev­ery few me­tres, spell­ing out ‘ Will you be my girl­friend?’ At the end of the path, he gave me a bunch of roses and asked me again, in per­son. Years later, we went on a sim­i­lar walk and he asked me to marry him.

stalker alert

Back in high school, I left a class­mate sev­eral anony­mous let­ters in his locker. I’m talk­ing cut-outs from mag­a­zines, ran­som note-style let­ters. At the time, I thought I was quirky and ro­man­tic but, look­ing back, it was just creepy. I’m so glad he never fig­ured out it was me!

the scene stealer

I was sit­ting alone at a friend’s wed­ding when a good-look­ing stranger started chat­ting to me. He made a re­mark about how dif­fi­cult it is to ask some­one out at a wed­ding with­out steal­ing the show and asked if I had any ad­vice. I said he should send the lucky girl a piece of cake and a note be­cause who could say no to a clas­sic ro­man­tic move like that? When I came back to my seat af­ter danc­ing there was a slice of cake with a note say­ing: ‘ Hope I stole your heart in­stead of the show.’ We’re mar­ried now.

din­ner date fail

I asked a man I’d been chat­ting to on Tin­der out for din­ner and we met at the restau­rant on a Fri­day night. Half­way through our meal a friend of his came up to our ta­ble to say hi. When his friend asked for an in­tro­duc­tion, my date looked anx­ious and said, ‘ This is my friend... um... Kelsey.’ Ex­cept that’s not my name. He had clearly for­got­ten it!

the match­maker

A friend of mine knew I had a huge crush on one of our other good friends and was on a mis­sion to get us to­gether. His grand plan? Ar­riv­ing at my house, drag­ging me into his car, and drop­ping me off at my crush’s front door... with­out shoes, my cell­phone or my wal­let! With­out too many op­tions avail­able to me, I knocked on the door and told him how I felt. We’ve been dat­ing for eight years now and I couldn’t be hap­pier!

never bee n kissed

As a teenager, my first boyfriend and I were wait­ing out­side the movies for my mom to pick me up. We hadn’t kissed yet and he chose this mo­ment to sud­denly kiss me. I wasn’t ex­pect­ing it so it was a bit messy and awk­ward. What made it even worse was that my mom ar­rived at that ex­act mo­ment, put the car win­dow down and yelled, ‘ First kiss! Way to go!’ The thought of it still makes me cringe.

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