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Trans­form a pile of old books into a handy night stand. Stack hard­cov­ers (with­out dust jack­ets) on top of each other un­til you are happy with the height. Us­ing PVA glue, brush along all edges of the pages in­side and out to stick them to­gether – place a weight on top while they dry. Di­vide the books into three or four piles and, us­ing spray paint in dif­fer­ent shades, spray un­til cov­ered. Leave to dry and re­peat if nec­es­sary. Take the top book, open the cover and, us­ing a drill bit, drill a hole in the cen­tre, through the pages and bot­tom cover. Drill a hole through the cen­tre of each book, in­clud­ing covers – ex­cept for the last book, where you avoid the bot­tom cover (this will be rest­ing on the floor). Cut a dowel rod just un­der the height of your books. Slide it through the hole in the top book and con­tinue, un­til all the books are held to­gether in a stack.

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