Some­times moth­ers just don’t know best – th­ese read­ers share their cringe­wor­thy con­fes­sions

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Some­times moth­ers don’t know best – read­ers share their cringe­wor­thy con­fes­sions

su­per mom

While in a crowded shop­ping cen­tre, my mom and I walked past a group of peo­ple who were stand­ing over a man, who was ly­ing on the ground. My mom, who had just done a CPR course, saw that no one was do­ing any­thing and she jumped into ac­tion. She pushed her way to the front of the group only to be told that the man wasn’t in car­diac dis­tress – mall se­cu­rity were try­ing to ar­rest him. Cringe.

hon­esty is be st

I wanted to in­tro­duce my mother to my new part­ner but wanted her un­bi­ased opin­ion about her po­ten­tial daugh­terin-law. I in­vited three other fe­male friends and didn’t tell my mom which of them I was see­ing. Af­ter they left I asked my mom if she could guess who it was and she got it spot on, in one guess. How did she know? She said it was be­cause my girl­friend is the one she liked the least!

’Tis but a num­ber

While at a restau­rant with my mom, an old neigh­bour came to our ta­ble to say hi. She said she re­mem­bered me from when I was a lit­tle girl and asked how old I was now. With­out giv­ing me a chance to answer, my mom said I was 25 – a whole 10 years younger than I ac­tu­ally am! When the neigh­bour left, my mom ca­su­ally ex­plained that she’d been ly­ing about her age for so long that, in or­der to throw off sus­pi­cion, she had to start ly­ing about mine too...

Babysit­ting fail

My hus­band and I asked my mom to look af­ter our two-year-old while we went out for din­ner on our an­niver­sary. When we got home at 9:30pm we found my mom asleep on the couch and our son sit­ting glued to cartoons on the TV, clutch­ing a now-empty wine glass. We weren’t im­pressed but my mom apol­o­gised and said she was sure she’d fin­ished all the wine be­fore fall­ing asleep.

no non­sense

I was out for the day with my mom and we de­cided to go to the drive-thru for lunch to save time be­tween ap­point­ments. We were al­ready on our way to our next stop when my mom in­sisted I turn around and go back to the drive-thru so she could re­turn the slice of cheese on her burger be­cause ‘she didn’t or­der it’.

Mother of the br ide

My mother de­cided to forego per­form­ing the tra­di­tional dot­ing role as mother of the bride: she got mar­ried to her third hus­band a day be­fore my wed­ding – in the same venue. She ar­gued that all the peo­ple she wanted to have there on her spe­cial day would al­ready be com­ing to my wed­ding, so it ‘just made sense’.

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