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✱ Moun­tain Pose Stand with feet to­gether, back straight, arms slightly away from your sides.

✱ Raised Arms Pose In­hal­ing, stretch hands above head, fin­gers point­ing up and palms to­gether, length­en­ing through your spine.

✱ For­ward Fold Exhale to a for­ward fold, bend­ing knees if needed. Inhale.

✱ The Plank Ex­hal­ing, jump or walk back to a plank, lower to your mat.

✱ Up­ward-fac­ing Dog Inhale, palms be­neath shoul­ders, rais­ing hips off floor, stretching head and neck gen­tly up­wards. ✱ Down­ward-fac­ing Dog Ex­hal­ing, tuck toes un­der and bring hips up to form an in­verted V. Take three breaths. Look for­ward and step to the top of your mat.

✱ Raised Arms Pose In­hal­ing, raise hands above head, gen­tly length­en­ing through your neck and back.

✱ Moun­tain Pose Ex­hal­ing, re­turn hands to your sides.



Like Sun Salutation A, adding two new poses for strength and en­durance.

✱ Af­ter For­ward Fold, exhale as you bend knees, as if low­er­ing into a chair, sit­ting back to see your toes. Keep your spine long and reach through fin­ger­tips. Draw shoul­der blades back and down.

✱ War­rior 1 Af­ter Down­ward-fac­ing Dog, inhale, turn­ing left foot 45° and step­ping right foot to front of mat. Exhale, squaring pelvis and ster­num to front of mat. Bend right knee to 90° (in line with mid­dle toe). Reach arms above head, lift­ing rib cage and open­ing chest. ✱ Re­turn to Down­ward-fac­ing Dog and re­peat on other side.

✱ Re­turn to front of mat for Raised Arm Pose and Moun­tain Pose.


– for CALM

As Sun Salutation A, adding one new pose and a breath­ing ex­er­cise for calm. ✱ Eq ues­trian Pose Af­ter For­ward Fold, exhale and step back with right leg, lower knee to mat. Hold head up, rais­ing hands above head. Re­peat on other side. ✱ Al­ter­nate Nostril Breath­ing Sit com­fort­ably. Use your right thumb to close right nostril; inhale through left one. Close left nostril with right in­dex fin­ger. Pause. Open right nostril and exhale. Inhale through right nostril; close it with right thumb. Pause. Open left nostril and exhale. Re­peat the cy­cle 5 to 10 times.

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