What is an aneurysm?

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An aneurysm refers to a bulge or en­large­ment in a sec­tion of an artery that’s most of­ten caused by weakness in the ar­te­rial wall and can oc­cur in the brain, heart or in­testines. Most aneurysms do not rup­ture. There are of­ten no no­tice­able symptoms of an aneurysm but if it rup­tures, it could lead to in­ter­nal bleeding – a stroke – which can be fa­tal. Warn­ing signs that may in­di­cate an aneurysm has rup­tured in­clude a sud­den, se­vere headache, blurred vi­sion, droopy facial fea­tures (usu­ally on one side), seizure, loss of con­scious­ness and nau­sea.

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