What to look for Key fea­tures to help you buy the right oven

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✱ Ca­pac­ity 60 ℓ used to be con­sid­ered huge for a sin­gle oven, but thanks to thin­ner, more efficient in­su­la­tion you can now fit as much as an im­pres­sive 74 ℓ in your kitchen. If looking for a dou­ble oven, the sec­ond cav­ity is gen­er­ally be­tween 30 and 25 ℓ .

✱ Hobs If you’re buy­ing an all-in- one cooker, choose from gas, elec­tric, ce­ramic and induction rings. Induction and gas of­fer the fastest heat-up but induction is the safer choice and comes with smart timers (and even the abil­ity to boil and sim­mer automatica­lly).

✱ Fuel De­spite the fact that gas ovens will be bet­ter for your elec­tric­ity bill, they are be­ing re­placed by elec­tronic op­tions that heat up more quickly, are eas­ier to in­stall and are more ac­cu­rate, plus you can en­joy more fea­tures such as top/bot­tom heating and fan grilling.

✱ En­ergy Most main ovens are A rated these days – sec­ond ovens and range ovens can be less efficient due to their size but it’s worth buy­ing A+ to save en­ergy. Two A-rated ovens can use dif­fer­ent amounts of en­ergy, so look at the kWh/cy­cle fig­ure be­fore you buy.

✱ Easy clean­ing Enamel-coated oven walls can be wiped clean, while cat­alytic lin­ers help ab­sorb and break down food spills, which are then burned away dur­ing cook­ing. Py­rolytic clean­ing – on top-end de­signs – burns away any dirt, leav­ing just ash to wipe up.

✱ Smart fea­tures App- connected ap­pli­ances of­fer the abil­ity to ad­just the tem­per­a­ture and check on progress from your phone. Some even let you pre-heat the oven be­fore you get home!

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