3 ways TO tell if you ’re zinc de­fi­cient

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Nutri­tion­ist Rai­hane Palagi ad­vises…

✱ Slow heal ing

‘ Zinc is essen­tial for all of our body tis­sues, es­pe­cially our skin. It might be a good idea to in­crease your zinc in­take if cuts tend to heal slowly, or if you suf­fer from acne or other con­di­tions.’

✱ Poo r app etite

Zinc plays an im­por­tant role in taste func­tion. ‘A de­fi­ciency in zinc can also im­pair smell and, as a re­sult, im­pact ap­petite.’

✱ Th inn ing ha ir

‘ Hair fol­li­cles rely on zinc, so a de­fi­ciency can cause hair thin­ning. Zinc helps main­tain healthy lev­els of thy­roid hor­mones, which can cause hair loss.’

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