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Bou­quets too beau­ti­ful to toss!

Your bou­quet will take cen­tre stage in many of your por­traits, so pick one that makes a real style state­ment. This sea­son is all about in­ter­est­ing tex­tures, big, bois­ter­ous brights and soft, ro­man­tic flo­rals. We asked five lo­cal florists to de­sign two pieces each – what they came up with is lit­er­ally too beau­ti­ful to toss!

An­thuri­ums, im­ported Dutch tulips, banksia, veronicas, roses, fyn­bos (kol-kol), im­ported Dutch pe­onies, trail­ing fern and den­dro­bium or­chids (R700) Paramithi Flow­ers and Dé­cor Styling and De­sign

1. Pep­per tree leaves, salvia flow­ers, pe­onies, gar­den roses, stocks, snap­drag­ons, den­dro­bium or­chids, tulips, ama­ran­thus, ra­nun­culi and kale (R1 200) Anli Wahl Flo­ral De­sign 2. Lace flow­ers, pop­pies, gre­vil­leas, den­dro­bium or­chids, tulips, gar­den roses, pe­onies, fig leaves, le­mon gera­ni­ums, hy­acinths, ra­nun­culi and sy­ringa berries (R950) Anli Wahl Flo­ral De­sign 3. Green cym­bid­ium or­chids, or­na­men­tal kale, a va­ri­ety of ferns (in­clud­ing sword and cat’s tail ferns), green bru­nia, pelargo­ni­ums, vibur­nums, suc­cu­lents, green leu­ca­den­drons, he­lichry­sum and for­aged green­ery (R750) LUSH Flow­ers + Event Dé­cor 4. Or­ange roses, celosia, pur­ple arum lilies and pur­ple al­stroe­me­rias (R650) Aspen Flow­ers & Co

Blush­ing bride proteas, car­na­tions, freesias, tulips, David Austin roses, fyn­bos, fern fronds, wil­low branches and an­thuri­ums (R650) Paramithi Flow­ers and Dé­cor Styling and De­sign

5. Aloes, green fyn­bos (kol-kol) and cream clus­ter roses (R650) Aspen Flow­ers & Co 6. Black pe­onies, banksia, slang­bos, black arum lilies, red tulips, car­na­tions, sy­ringa berries, red repens and cym­bid­ium or­chids (R800) Flow­ers in the Foyer 7. Tulips, roses, ra­nun­culi, pop­pies, pin­cush­ions, red banksias, aloe flow­ers, suc­cu­lent flow­ers, hyper­icum berries, grapevine, hon­ey­suckle and for­aged green­ery (R900) LUSH Flow­ers + Event Dé­cor 8. Pink pe­onies, O’Hara roses and den­dro­bium or­chids, white veronicas and bou­var­dias and cream ven­dela roses (R700) Flow­ers in the Foyer.

Choose your bou­quet to flat­ter your fig­ure: a dainty posy suits a pe­tite bride, while a big cas­cad­ing bou­quet works wellif you’re tall.2




Ask your florist to cre­ate a mini ver­sion of your bou­quet that you can use for the bou­quet-toss­ingcer­e­mony.

6 Con­sider adding mint, laven­der or some other fra­grant herb to your bou­quet for its re­fresh­ing scent or calm­ingef­fect.




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