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Virgo 23 Aug – 22 Sept

Go­ing it alone could have less-than-ideal re­sults, but only be­cause your abil­ity to be flex­i­ble needs test­ing. Funny how that works – just when you’d rather do your bit alone, along comes that guy from ac­counts or that girl from book club, and sud­denly you’re hav­ing to deal with some­one else’s bright ideas. That's okay – you’ve got this. Fu­ture re­wards are just lessons wrapped up as peo­ple.

Capricorn 22 Dec – 19 Jan

Re­la­tion­ships sea­son a jam-packed menu, bring­ing both joy and com­plex­ity to your gen­eral out­look. Close part­ner­ships al­ways ben­e­fit from an over­haul, par­tic­u­larly af­ter mid-year, so push en­ergy into the con­nec­tions that are for keeps. This may mean shift­ing from be­ing right to not-so-right or com­pro­mis­ing for the sake of peace. But it’s worth it in the end – re­ally.

Taurus 20 Apr – 20 May

You’re back to bor­ing – and that’s where you need to be, for san­ity’s sake. Es­chew­ing wild ad­ven­tures for soup and slip­per socks may be your sav­ing grace, en­ergy-wise, at the tail end of a stress­ful win­ter sea­son. Bulk up on sooth­ing self-talk and calm­ing comms with happy peo­ple – spon­ta­neous risks and leaps into the un­known hap­pen later. Be con­tent.

Libra 23 Sept – 22 Oct

Cre­ative in­spi­ra­tion comes from the most un­ex­pected places. You could be star­ing out to sea or twist­ing knots in your hair when that aha mo­ment strikes. Try an­gling for more of those now. Navel-gaz­ing is a must. En­joy sev­eral scat­tered pe­ri­ods of do­ing noth­ing at all, which al­ways calms the heart, eases anx­i­ety and po­ten­tially leads to the Next Big Thing on your per­sonal jour­ney. Lovely.

Aquar­ius 20 Jan – 18 Feb

Plod­ding is in­fin­itely more sat­is­fy­ing than plea­sure at this point, purely be­cause there’s more on your plate than any­body can com­fort­ably han­dle. Tick off what’s done, then boldly go on, one step at a time, punc­tu­at­ing pe­ri­ods of fre­netic ac­tiv­ity with long stretches of shut-eye and plenty of greens. There’s magic in these manic mo­ments, but you’re for­given for any po­ten­tial mood­i­ness.

Gemini 21 May – 20 Jun

The test of true power is lik­ing, or at least ac­cept­ing, what you see in the mir­ror. Sur­rep­ti­tious digs at your­self erode self-con­fi­dence, lead­ing you to the very stuff you were try­ing to avoid, like so-so jobs and blah re­la­tion­ships. Make this month a phoenix one: rise each morn­ing with grat­i­tude and fo­cus on find­ing one thing that’s good about be­ing you. It won’t be dif­fi­cult.

Scorpio 23 Oct – 21 Nov

Learn­ing the ropes is nat­u­rally go­ing to be more daunt­ing than rest­ing on your lau­rels. You know that be­cause you’ve been there – we all have. But if not now, when? Be avail­able for train­ing cour­ses, new hob­bies, one-off ex­pe­ri­ences and round-ta­ble dis­cus­sions. Ul­ti­mately, your con­tri­bu­tions will make the world a bet­ter place. And you like be­ing part of a win­ning team any­way.

Pisces 19 Feb – 20 Mar

Be­ing told to ‘re­lax’ al­most al­ways has the op­po­site ef­fect as there’s some­times an un­der­ly­ing crit­i­cism of how you’re han­dling a bad hair day. When next this hap­pens, con­sider it ad­vice (and take it with a pinch of salt). Your in­ner voice is bristling to be heard, so avoid in­flu­en­tial types who per­suade with jolly sug­ges­tions. You de­cide what’s best – you’re more than ca­pa­ble, de­spite fears to the con­trary.

Can­cer 21 Jun – 22 Jul

A lit­tle #mefirst at­ti­tude won’t go amiss, de­spite your re­luc­tance to ruf­fle feathers. With just a soupçon of your charm and ami­able de­meanour you shouldn’t have trou­ble get­ting peo­ple to fall in with your plans, or at least leave you to hack along with sin­gle-minded fo­cus. This is the time to spot­light your skills rather than fade diplo­mat­i­cally into the muddy wa­ters of group ef­fort.

Sagittarius 22 Nov – 21 Dec

Money wor­ries? No sweat. You’re ei­ther wing­ing it with a wind­fall or bust­ing for a new bud­get; ei­ther way, the rands and cents are tak­ing cen­tre stage. It may be time for an in­vest­ment shake-up or a long, sober­ing debt re­think. Your log­i­cal bits are fir­ing on all cylin­ders, so de­tect­ing the best so­lu­tions is a cinch. Get­ting on top of it now brings peace of mind later, as Mama al­ways said.

Aries 21 Mar – 19 Apr

Up­scal­ing your worth sets the tone for a new and im­proved you – and it’s much less of a slog than you might think. A benev­o­lent en­ergy makes skills-build­ing and net­work­ing a walk in the park for a change (thank­fully!) but the pro­viso is ob­vi­ous: take ad­van­tage of any op­por­tu­nity that is tossed in your di­rec­tion. There is gain with­out pain, but you still need to be in it to win it!

Leo 23 Jul – 22 Aug

‘The world is too much with us,’ said Wil­liam Wordsworth, and in your cur­rent state, ne’er a truer word was penned. Feel­ing spent and a tad fraz­zled, you’re on a learn­ing curve that is fat­ten­ing you up for po­ten­tial lean times ahead. What­ever chal­lenges may arise, you’ll cope. The trick is to be­lieve this with ev­ery ounce of your be­ing – the rest is easy.

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