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Drink wa­ter. Dr Fung rec­om­mends start­ing your day with a glass of wa­ter so you can re­hy­drate and get started on drink­ing plenty of flu­ids dur­ing the day.

Ride the waves.

When your stom­ach starts rum­bling, have a hot cup of black cof­fee (it’s a mild ap­petite sup­pres­sant), black tea or a glass of wa­ter to help you ride out the wave of hunger. It will pass!

When you eat, eat well.

When you break your fast, don’t do it with a bag of chips and a dough­nut, or eat more to com­pen­sate for all the meals you missed. Eat whole, un­pro­cessed foods high in healthy fats and low in re­fined carbs and sugar; an LCHF diet will help your body stay in fat-burn­ing mode.

Keep it quiet.

Peo­ple will try to talk you out of ‘starv­ing your­self’ be­cause they don’t un­der­stand the ben­e­fits of fast­ing.

Keep busy.

Ever for­get to eat dur­ing a busy work­day? Fast­ing is much eas­ier if your fo­cus is on some­thing else.

Give your­self time.

Fast­ing prob­a­bly won’t be easy from the get-go. Give your body at least a month to ad­just if you don’t take to it right away.

Fit fast­ing into your life – not the other way around.

This, says Dr Fung, is his top tip for help­ing you stick to it. If a so­cial event comes up where fast­ing is im­pos­si­ble, don’t force it. No­body wants to be the one sit­ting at the Christ­mas ta­ble with a glass of wa­ter. En­joy the day and pick up where you left off af­ter­wards.

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