We eval­u­ated six stand mix­ers for how well they mixed, kneaded and whisked. We also looked at ease of use: con­trols, as­sem­bling, clean­ing, ad­di­tional func­tions and other prac­ti­cal­i­ties.

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6.7L, 1 700W; R7 999 YUP­PIECHEF.COM This mixer com­bines power and ver­sa­til­ity, and its per­for­mance was out­stand­ing. It whipped, whisked and kneaded quickly and ef­fi­ciently. Whisked egg white was smooth and glossy, and the tex­ture of kneaded dough was per­fectly soft. It coped well with both max­i­mum and min­i­mum quan­ti­ties, but was slightly noisy on full power. It cleaned eas­ily and fea­tures a good range of speeds. The splash guard worked ef­fec­tively.

VER­DICT: This mixer is a great all-round per­former that ex­cels in ev­ery task.



4.8L, 800W; R8 499 WWW.HIRSCHS.CO.ZA This well-de­signed ap­pli­ance creamed beau­ti­fully and whisked egg white to soft-peak stage quickly. It had to work hard when knead­ing dough, but it got the job done – the dough was smooth and elas­tic. It mostly did a great job mix­ing, but the hol­landaise sauce was a bit lumpy due to un­even mix­ing. The whisks didn’t make good con­tact with the con­tents, so we had to keep scrap­ing down the bowl to in­cor­po­rate the in­gre­di­ents. The con­trols are in­tu­itive and clean­ing is a breeze.

VER­DICT: This stand mixer of­fers style and func­tion­al­ity.


MESTRE (913600)

4L, 600W; R2 999,95, WWW.CREATIVEHOUSEWARES.CO.ZA This mixer per­formed rel­a­tively well. It whipped and mixed in­gre­di­ents into a stiff con­sis­tency, but it wasn’t as speedy com­pared with other mix­ers we tested. The at­tach­ments aligned well enough to en­gage with ev­ery part of the bowl, but they weren’t very ro­bust. Mix­ing re­sults were good but not quick, as was knead­ing – we found the dough pad­dle a bit fid­dly – and the re­sults were ad­e­quate. This mixer is easy to op­er­ate and rel­a­tively easy to clean.

VER­DICT: An af­ford­able buy for the oc­ca­sional baker.



4.8L, 300W; R9 990 KITCHENAIDAFRICA.COM This retro-look­ing ap­pli­ance creamed and mixed qui­etly and ef­fi­ciently – the at­tach­ments made good con­tact with the con­tents in the bowl, pro­duc­ing good re­sults. Egg white quickly reached stiff-peak stage, and hol­landaise sauce had a satiny tex­ture. The dough hook is ro­bust, but it took a lit­tle longer than ex­pected to knead dough – although the dough did turn out with great elas­tic­ity. The nar­row head al­lows you to add in­gre­di­ents with­out hav­ing to stop mix­ing.

VER­DICT: This mixer is pow­er­ful, ef­fi­cient and ver­sa­tile.



5.5L, 600W; R6 999,99 WWW.CREATIVEHOUSEWARES.CO.ZA This is an ex­cel­lent all-rounder. Whisk­ing and cream­ing re­sults were good, with egg white and cream whisked into a glossy, stiff and vo­lu­mi­nous con­sis­tency. The dough hook worked ef­fi­ciently and kneaded dough into a smooth tex­ture. The hol­landaise sauce was mixed into a light sauce with­out co­ag­u­la­tion or lumps. But clean­ing was tricky: there are a lot of ar­eas that can trap dirt.

VER­DICT: This is a sturdy mixer with good func­tion­al­ity and a range of at­tach­ments.


SUPRA (26900A)

4.2L, 600W; R1 999 WWW.CREATIVEHOUSEWARES.CO.ZA This mixer was not as ef­fi­cient and strong as some of the oth­ers tested, but it fared well with del­i­cate tasks. Per­for­mance was good with tasks like whisk­ing and cream­ing, and it whipped cream and whisked egg white into a stiff con­sis­tency quite quickly. It strug­gled more with knead­ing, although the dough turned out elas­tic. The hol­landaise sauce mixed and emul­si­fied well. This mixer is light­weight and less sturdy than oth­ers, but it is sim­ple to op­er­ate and clean­ing was fairly easy.

VER­DICT: A bud­get-friendly mixer that got the job done.

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