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There’s noth­ing more frus­trat­ing than play­back pauses while you’re stream­ing your favourite se­ries. Pre­vent your net­work from slow­ing down with these tips. • DON’T HIDE THE ROUTER: Walls and doors can de­grade sig­nal strength. Place the router in a cen­tral area in your home on a table or book­shelf. Some routers project a Wi-Fi sig­nal down­ward; plac­ing it higher dis­trib­utes the sig­nal evenly.

• RE­BOOT: Most is­sues can be re­solved by reg­u­larly re­set­ting or re­boot­ing your router or mo­dem. • KEEP THE ROUTER AWAY FROM ME­TAL OB­JECTS: Mi­crowaves, flu­o­res­cent lights and even your neigh­bours’ routers may in­ter­fere with your sig­nal, so place your router away from ap­pli­ances (me­tal ab­sorbs sig­nal strength). • AD­JUST THE AN­TEN­NAE: Wi-Fi works best when the sig­nal is par­al­lel to a de­vice’s in­ter­nal an­tenna, which is hor­i­zon­tal in lap­tops and ver­ti­cal in desk­top com­put­ers. Keep the router’s an­ten­nae per­pen­dic­u­lar to each other to en­sure a sta­ble con­nec­tion be­tween your home net­work and your de­vices.

• Wi-Fi SPEEDS: If too many peo­ple are us­ing heavy band­width at the same time, such as play­ing on­line video games and watch­ing Net­flix, the net­work will slow down for ev­ery­one. • GET A RANGE EX­TEN­DER: Most routers have a range of about 45 me­tres, so de­vices that are in rooms fur­ther away from it might take longer to con­nect. A Wi-Fi re­peater plugs into an out­let, and in­creases sig­nal range and strength to the fur­thest parts of your home.

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