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1. Make the brine: Dis­solve 4 tbsp salt in 1 litre wa­ter. 2. Chop 500g Chi­nese or round cab­bage, a few radishes and a cou­ple of onions, and sub­merge the chopped veg in the brine. Weigh it down with a plate and leave for a few hours or overnight. 3. Drain the veg in a colan­der (don’t dis­card the brine), and taste the veg. They should be salty. If not, add a lit­tle salt. Too salty? Rinse the veg. 4. Grate a piece of gin­ger (3 tbsp), chop 3 to 4 chill­ies and 3 to 4 gar­lic cloves, and mix into a paste. You could add fish sauce, as long as it is free of chem­i­cal preser­va­tives. 5. Trans­fer the veg to a bowl, add the paste and mix well. 6. Pack tightly into lid­ded jars, al­low­ing a bit of space at the top. If there isn’t enough brine, pour in the re­served brine to cover the veg. 7. Leave to fer­ment for a few days, but pack down the veg ev­ery day to keep it un­der the brine. 8. When you’re happy with the taste, put it in the fridge. 9. Serv­ing sug­ges­tion: Eat kim­chi as a side dish with mack­erel, tuna or pork – or what­ever you like.

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