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TREAT­MENT: Der­ma­log­ica Ion Ac­tive Treat­ment, R890 (90 min)

SKIN­CARE RANGE: Der­ma­log­ica WHAT IT IS: An anti-age­ing and hy­drat­ing fa­cial us­ing Der­ma­log­ica prod­ucts and Bio-Ther­a­peu­tic tech­nol­ogy for op­ti­mum pen­e­tra­tion

WHO DOES IT: Jen­nifer Eales Skin Care and Body Ther­apy Clinic. Jenny min­is­ters to Dur­ban’s arts and so­cial set in her in­ti­mate ur­ban oa­sis.

While I re­clined in dim light, Jenny cleansed and an­a­lysed my skin, which used to be com­bi­na­tion but, with age­ing, is now dry... sigh.

She ex­fo­li­ated with Der­ma­log­ica Daily Mi­cro­fo­liant, us­ing a Bio-Ther­a­peu­tic (BT) mi­cro ma­chine that vi­brates im­per­cep­ti­bly to shake off dead skin cells. Then she ap­plied silky Ion Ac­tive Serum, se­lect­ing the hyaluronic acid op­tion to mois­turise (there’s also oligopep­tide serum to treat pig­men­ta­tion, or retinol to re­duce fine lines).

After a short mas­sage ‘to in­crease cir­cu­la­tion’, she ap­plied Ex­oTher­mal Gel­loid, a masque to nour­ish and soothe. This was fol­lowed by a bliss­ful 10-minute fa­cial mas­sage us­ing lym­phatic drainage and Swedish mas­sage tech­niques. I dozed off, resur­fac­ing when she ap­plied the mi­cro ma­chine again. Cool LED eye pads were placed on my eyes, spe­cial black gog­gles slipped over them, and the BT Syn­the­sis LED ma­chine was switched on. This, says Jenny, stim­u­lates the pro­duc­tion of adeno­sine triphos­phate, which pro­motes col­la­gen and elastin pro­duc­tion. She per­formed a 20minute chest, neck and shoul­der mas­sage, and be­fore I knew it she was re­mov­ing the gel­loid, then ap­ply­ing a new BioLu­min C serum, fol­lowed by a hy­drat­ing spritz, eye cream and mois­turiser, and a fi­nal flour­ish of the mi­cro ma­chine.

The re­sult? Plumped, glow­ing skin with lines mag­i­cally min­imised. THE LOWDOWN: 15 10th Av­enue, Dur­ban Tel: 031 309 2276 www.jen­nife­r­

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