In The Plant Para­dox,

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Dr Gundry out­lines a list of prod­ucts that are ‘lectin-safe’ and a long list of those that should be avoided at all costs – these in­clude:

• Re­fined starchy foods such as pasta, tor­tillas, rice, pota­toes, bread and flour made from grains

• Grains such as whole­grains, rice, oats, quinoa and corn (in­clud­ing pop­corn) • Sugar and ar­ti­fi­cial sweet­en­ers (in­clud­ing diet soda drinks) • Veg­eta­bles such as

toma­toes (per­mit­ted only if they're peeled and de-seeded), cu­cum­bers (again, only if peeled and de-seeded), peas, green beans, legumes, chick­peas, soy, all beans and sprouts, and all lentils • Tofu (hemp tofu is per­mit­ted)

• Nuts and seeds such as cashew nuts, peanuts, sun­flower seeds, chia seeds

• All fruit, ex­cept those that are in sea­son • Most dairy prod­ucts such as cow's milk, Greek yo­ghurt, cheeses and ca­sein protein pow­ders • Grain-fed and/or soy-fed an­i­mal pro­teins (grass-fed an­i­mal protein and pas­tur­eraised poul­try are per­mit­ted)

• Oils such as sun­flower oil, grape­seed oil, canola oil, corn oil and peanut oil

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