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Bath­rooms are used by ev­ery­one in the fam­ily. To en­sure your bath­room is hy­gienic, fresh and safe, you need to clean and dis­in­fect it daily, us­ing prod­ucts that are well-for­mu­lated to do any and ev­ery clean­ing job. 1. Baths, basins and taps Squirt MAQ Cream Cleaner onto a damp sponge and wipe away dirty marks on the bath and basin. To re­move the dirty ring in the bath, sim­ply squirt neat MAQ Cream Cleaner into the dirt, al­low to stand for 10 min­utes and then wipe away. MAQ Cream Cleaner wipes away grime and grubby marks on taps, leav­ing them shiny like new. 2. Shower re­cesses and tiles To re­move al­gae and black marks, make up a so­lu­tion of MAQ Thick Bleach (30ml/5 litres) and wash down tiles. To clean grout­ing, scrub with an old tooth­brush dipped in MAQ Thick Bleach. 3. Shower, basin and bath plug-holes Re­move de­bris trapped in the plug­hole. Squirt neat MAQ Thick Bleach into the plug­hole, leave for three min­utes, then flush with wa­ter. 4. Toi­let brushes Soak brushes in a so­lu­tion of MAQ Thick Bleach (50ml/5 litres), then rinse dry.

5. Shower cur­tains

To re­move al­gae, make up a so­lu­tion of MAQ Thick Bleach (30ml/5 litres), wipe down shower cur­tains, rinse and dry.

6. Tooth­brushes, nail brushes, combs and hair­brushes

Make up a strong so­lu­tion of MAQ Dish­wash­ing Liq­uid and wash thor­oughly. Add a few drops of MAQ Thick Bleach to the fi­nal rinse, and al­low to soak for 10 min­utes. Rinse and dry thor­oughly.

7. Toi­let

Squirt neat MAQ Thick Bleach around the bowl and into the wa­ter. Leave for half an hour be­fore flush­ing. Wipe the toi­let seat, lid and flush­ing han­dle, the out­side sur­faces of the toi­let and cis­tern with di­luted MAQ Thick Bleach.

A tip: to pre­vent smells and odours overnight, squirt MAQ Thick Bleach un­der the rim in the toi­let bowl and leave overnight.

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