- By Angela Barry

Aquarius 20 Jan – 18 Feb

Anxiety is mostly anathema to Aquarians, whose drive is to expect the unexpected and roll with it. A little more nervous energy than usual may colour your perception now, but ignoring it is your best plan of action. It’s astonishin­g how quickly we’re able to calm ourselves down if we don’t give in to the whining, insidious voice of doom inside our heads.


21 May – 20 Jun

Fob off the blues with a swishand-swat attitude. There’s enough melancholy floating about your orbit; no need to paddle into the drama. Thank your lucky stars that logic and your unparallel­ed ability to halt fiery emails before they missile towards their targets stand you in good stead. If others are rough-riding through rocky relationsh­ips, you certainly don’t need to join in.

Libra 23 Sept – 22 Oct

A sentimenta­l period, perhaps? Analyse deeply and you’ll realise that peace is what you’re after – a lofty goal worth reaching for. Try taming any outbursts, particular­ly in the work environmen­t. Each moment of forgivenes­s and deep breaths puts in place another solid, dependable inner building block, giving you the skills to face just about anything head-on.

Pisces 19 Feb – 20 Mar

It’s the end of the world as you know it, but – no surprises here – you’ll feel fine. A cycle has been ceremoniou­sly signed off and your capacity for budding growth, quadrupled. Treat your soul to virtual bubbles, given that goodbyes, no matter how longed for, still occasional­ly sting. No regrets, pretty Pisces; whatever held you back has lost its grip.


21 Jun – 22 Jul

While everybody knows they should, precious few do it – emotional declutteri­ng is exhaustive. It may spell doom for our sense of social identity – or signal the end of significan­t relationsh­ips, at worst. You, however, know it’s time. Whatever has reached its sell-by date must go. And as within, so without; clearing inner debris is a good place to start.

Scorpio 23 Oct – 21 Nov

Look at you – ruling the first quarter of 2020! Reason is sharp, which offers ample gaps to surge ahead with personal goals. And, while it’s not likely to manifest on the spot, career rewards are on the cards, too, considerin­g the effort you’re prepared to make not only for yourself, but for the team. Groups work well now, rather than individual agendas.

Aries 21 Mar – 19 Apr

Smashing glass ceilings and seeing off competitor­s may seem a touch aggro this early in the year, but the month of love was never about squeaky balloons and itchy-scratchy soft toys for one as deliciousl­y driven as you, Aries. Play nicely, but stay bolshy and do your thing: nobody does it better than you. Self-belief is your key to the kingdom.


23 Jul – 22 Aug

A surge of self-worth – so valuable in life-loving Leos – should be nurtured as intimately as a newborn now. Egotistica­l self-love isn’t the aim, obvs, but a spot check of your accomplish­ments and strengths to date is a sensible endeavour before embarking on anything new – do a personal audit and take stock of all those jobs (personal, or profession­al) well done.

Sagittariu­s 22 Nov – 21 Dec

Nothing much to see here, apart from monumental­ly good luck, or karma, or both. Grab at opportunit­ies (or challenges) that present themselves for inspection – chances are you’ll score a full suite of benefits with less effort than you think. Good humour and cheer are double wins in your sign, giving you an edge over morose, self-important types. Oh, to be you right now…

Taurus 20 Apr – 20 May

Sharp mental focus brings a smidgen of fresh dynamism to an otherwise placid period – not that you’re raring to rebel, anyway. Tried and trusted routines forge a solid path towards small-term goals, while the odd pleasure cruise or impulsive trinket buy injects colour to prevent humdrum. ’Tis a good phase to chill out before the yearly madness starts.


23 Aug – 22 Sept

There’s no need to put your own life on hold, but you may require the fortitude of a saint to navigate other people’s overblown emotions and opinions as they travel through your territory. Why me, you ask? Simply put, you’ll handle the big knocks like a boss when you’re at ease dealing with little knocks – aka petty tyrants. Welcome them as learning curves. Really.

Capricorn 22 Dec – 19 Jan

Pepper your pet projects with shock-value pizzazz during this auspicious spell that makes grand promises on the prosperity and pleasure front. You’re naturally cautious in the face of chaotic change, but try jigging things around a bit – take a different route, literally or figurative­ly. Your great success relies on thinking in rainbow colours, rather than within a same-old routine. ✤

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