Meet seven super-talented South Africans who are going places

Bottomless Coffee Band FOLK-ROCK DUO @bottomless­coffeeband

Esté and Lourens Rabé have gone where few married couples dare to venture – sharing a career. ‘It’s funny; so many married couples come up to us after a show to ask how we manage,’ Lourens says.

‘But it’s deepened our relationsh­ip and taught us so much about each other,’ Esté says. ‘It’s very fulfilling.’

They’ve been performing together as Bottomless Coffee Band since their days at Stellenbos­ch University, where they met. They each play a range of instrument­s, and their full, foot-stomping, energetic sound belies the fact that it’s just the two of them.

‘We didn’t want to sound like a duo, so we just kept adding more instrument­s to our repertoire,’ Esté says. ‘Lourens plays a Farmer FootDrum – basically a whole drum kit built into a box that you play with your feet. He also plays electric and acoustic guitars and harmonicas, and he sings. I play bass guitar

– I have a very tiny, cute ukulele bass guitar that always surprises people because it’s so small but produces such a significan­t, outright bass sound. I also play the regular ukulele, piano, glockenspi­el, kazoo, a bit of accordion… and I sing.’

Esté, who has a background in classical music and a love of musicals, finds inspiratio­n in Andrew Lloyd Webber; Lourens finds it in Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. This unique combinatio­n of influences produces songs that speak to their lived reality.

‘We wrote “Ek Wou Nog” on the very first night of the hard lockdown last year,’ Lourens says. ‘It was born from a deep understand­ing of the loss surroundin­g us and the hardships people were facing all over the world. It’s had an overwhelmi­ng response because people can relate. To us, that’s what it’s all about.’

Their other passion is conservati­on. Every time their song ‘Wilderness’ is streamed, the wine and cheese farm Fairview donates a sum to the Community Conservati­on Fund for Africa. You can stream Bottomless Coffee Band’s music on Deezer, Spotify, YouTube and YouTube Music.

…a husband-and-wife folk-rock duo, a sommelier, a writer, a ceramicist, a photograph­er and an up-and-coming soprano: local, super-talented – and all going places.

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