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If you need some fashion inspo or if you’re just a bit nosy (guilty!), keep reading: our style icons dished on their favourite shops, gave us some advice, and shared stories about their most sentimenta­l pieces.


Algria Ferreira

Do you have any sentimenta­l pieces of clothing in your wardrobe? I have a pair of drop-crotch jeans that I bought 20 years ago, and to this day it’s my favourite pair of jeans. My second-favourite piece is a silk bralette from Stefania Morland – a little piece of art right next to my heart. Then there’s a sparkly sequinned top that I wear at least once a week, and a barely-there cashmere vest. And I don’t go anywhere without my cashmere pashmina – it was a gift from a special friend who understand­s my love for the French brand Zadig & Voltaire.

Any jewellery that’s close to your heart? I am never without three tiny little rings on my left hand. They are so skinny that they look more like threads than rings. They were designed by Famke – she was the very first baby I ever babysat, and is now my favourite jeweller! I also wear three little hearts from Gas Jewellery around my neck; I never take them off. And then I have a red thread around my left wrist that is inked on permanentl­y – that’s my loveline for my son, Dax.

You spend a lot of time on your feet; what kind of shoes do you wear to work? I have always had a thing for shoes; I love sandals that are chunky and wrap around my ankles. I think it might be from the very first pair of sandals that I ever fell in love with. I was four years old and I thought that all the men in the pictures in my children’s Bible were wearing the most beautiful shoes that I had ever seen! They were chunky leather sandals and they wrapped around the ankle, Roman style. I usually buy my sandals from Zara or Country Road. The chunky Chanel-inspired ones that I’m wearing with socks in the picture are actually my lockdown purchase from Country Road – they were R799. l love them; they’re the colour of a vintage petticoat!

How has your style changed over the years? The truth is that my style has not changed at all! I have always loved a masculine denim, a little sparkle and something special on the foot. I realised during lockdown that all the things I love, I have loved for more than 20 years, and that every single thing in my wardrobe has a little history that makes it super-special.

Is there anything you wore in the past that you look back at now and cringe?

I worked on a shoot the other day and we shot a T-shirt with shoulder pads. It looked beautiful on the model, but I could never go there again. Many moons ago, in the early ’90s, I had shoulder pads in every single T-shirt I owned. I am not very tall, and as a result I ended up looking like a footballer.

How did you become interested in beauty? My mom never wore a drop of makeup, but she was beautiful and I could see how her moisturise­r (which was inexpensiv­e and smelled amazing) made her feel. This was my first experience with ‘makeup’. My love for painting faces started more because of the fact that I realised I could make women feel beautiful and make a difference to their world with my brushes.

What is one thing that you wear all the time because you know it suits you?

My most prized possession is undoubtedl­y my Dsquared2 jeans. The very same pair I bought 20 years ago. I just asked my son what he thinks my favourite item of clothing is, and he said, ‘Your jeans!’

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