TO STILL THE MIND AND RELEASE ANXIETY OR ANGER Bhramari pranayama, or humming bee breath

Find a comfortabl­e seated position and close your eyes. Consciousl­y relax your face by softening your jaw. Put your pointer fingers gently on the tragus cartilage (the protrusion in front of the external ear canal). Breathe in. As you exhale, gently push down on the tragus and, keeping your mouth closed, make a humming noise in your throat. Continue for as long as you need to.

TO SOOTHE EMOTIONS AND REDUCE AGITATION Sitali pranayama, or cooling breath

Find a comfortabl­e seated position and close your eyes. Stick out your tongue and try to curl the edges together. Not everyone is able to do this, so if you can’t, just purse your lips. Slowly sip air through your curled tongue or pursed lips, letting it flow over your tongue, until your chest is expanded (don’t hunch your shoulders towards your ears). Then close your mouth and exhale through your nose. Repeat about 10 times.

FOR ENERGY AND CONFIDENCE Simhasana pranayama, or lion’s breath

Find a comfortabl­e seated position, either cross-legged or sitting on your heels. Lean forward slightly and press into your hands, which should be flattened over your knees, fingers spread wide. Take a deep, full breath in through your nose while opening your eyes as wide as they can go. Then open your mouth wide and stick your tongue out, bending it down towards your chin, and breathe out forcefully through your mouth, making a ‘haaaaaaaa’ sound as you do. Squint your eyes or roll them back in your head as you do so. (This is not a spectator sport!) Repeat two or three times.

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