First, make sure it is indeed fine and not thin hair we’re talking about here, advises Sam Heine from Cut Loose, a salon in Pretoria. ‘Fine hair means that the circumfere­nce of each actual hair is small, whereas thin refers to the amount of hair onyou r head.’ Fine hair tends to sit flat on your head, which isn’t always a great look. Sam advises:

• Don ’t wear it too long. Shoulderle­ngth or above is generally best.

• Change your parting. The more often you part your hair in the same place, the flatter the hair lies. Switching the parting also switches up the volume.

•Do n’t use conditione­r on your scalp. Work it only through the ends.

• Use mousse. Today, the offering is much better than it used to be! You won’t have helmet hair – promise.

• Use volumising products. But be sure to blow-dry your hair afterwards

– the heat activates the products.

• Don’t be scared of a bit of judicious teasing on the crown of your head to add volume.

• Consider a saline (saltwater) spray. You know how your hair dries after a swim in the sea, all wavy and sexy? It does that.


• Dry shampoo can deliver great volume, but leave it in – don’t brush it out. We’re big fans of CoLab Glam, R89.99

• IntrinsiCu­rly Me Come Clean Gentle Cleanser, R250 – use this instead of shampoo: it cleans hair gently without stripping it or leaving product build-up, which can weigh it down.

• Schwarzkop­f Super Soft Strength & Vitality Shampoo for fine and weak hair, R34.90

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