How to manage your time better


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1 Put in what you get out.

It’s vital to be aware of where you are spending your energy and what return on investment you’re getting for that energy. Start by tracking everything you do during a normal day, and look at all your tasks. Observe which ones give you the greatest rewards for your energy – those are the ones worth keeping. It’s time to let go of tasks that require energy but offer little to no value.

2 Productive is better than busy.

As a society we thrive on seeming busy – we get a little adrenaline kick out of it too! But when you let go of the idea that you have to fill your day with endless tasks and start utilising your time to be productive instead, you will manage your time more effectivel­y. Prioritise your tasks, say no to things that aren’t part of your job descriptio­n, ask for help, and track your time to notice which activities are time-wasters.

3 No time for superheroe­s.

‘Superwoman syndrome’ is when women try to be and do everything, from holding down a full-time job to cleaning the house and cooking dinner. Trying to be Superwoman only leads to exhaustion and burnout, and makes you feel as though there is never enough time. Overcoming this means allowing some balls to drop. You don’t have to do everything all the time; you can delegate to others, let some things slide, and even remove some tasks from your daily life altogether. You can still get a lot done and have time for yourself.

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