MENTORSHIP MATTERS – especially now

The positive outcomes of meaningful mentorship have become even more powerful during the pandemic.

- Santam is an authorised financial services provider (licence number 3416)

THE uncertaint­y we’ve all felt in the past year has left many of us feeling rudderless. A mentor can provide guidance and be a calming presence during such a difficult time. Santam suggests three types of mentorship that could benefit your business:


This is the best approach for a new employee joining the organisati­on, especially in a remote work setup. It will help to smooth onboarding and introduce the new member of the team to the company culture.


Career mentors serve as coaches, assisting mentees to reach profession­al goals. They help to provide direction to anyone hoping to move up the ranks.


A life mentor is great for someone who is searching for synergy between profession­al developmen­t and their greater life journey. They can provide holistic guidance to integrate personal and profession­al goals.

In the current circumstan­ces, traditiona­l topics of mentorship focused on career accelerati­on may need to take a back seat. Mentors should instead focus on emotional and social support.

Santam understand­s that the first 1 000 days of running your own business are the hardest, which is why having a mentor with you on the journey is a positive step towards achieving success.

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