L’Oréal Profession­nel’s latest technique has taken the beauty world by storm. Shelene Shaer, a member of South Africa’s Metal Detox test team, shared her views on hair colour and treatment. (She is a winner of the highly prestigiou­s L’Oréal Profession­al Style & Colour Trophy, so when she talks hair tips, we listen!)

Metal Detox is an innovative hair colour and treatment designed to trap and neutralise metals during a colour service. The system features Glicoamine, a patented molecule that prevents metal deposits from interactin­g with the oxidants in the lightener. The result is longerlast­ing colour and 87% less breakage, and it is compatible with all colour and lightening brands.

‘How many times have you walked out of a salon with great-looking hair, but weeks later it looks dull and brassy?’ Shelene asks. This is because of the high content of metals like copper in hard water, which affects hair colour. ‘Copper is the enemy when it comes to hair colouring. In layman’s terms, little explosions occur in the hair shafts, breaking them down. We need to “block” the copper so that hair breakage is avoided.

‘The applied colour will be long-lasting, and it will shine like never before,’ Shelene says. ‘This is an excellent treatment for restoring hair to its full potential.’

What can you expect when going in for a Metal Detox treatment? First, a pre-treatment is applied to dry hair before colour or lightener is applied. ‘Then, after your colourist has worked their magic on your hair, a Metal Detox sulphate-free shampoo is applied to neutralise metals,’ Shelene explains. On your way out you can buy the Metal Detox At-home Protocol, which includes the shampoo and mask.

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