Farmer's Weekly (South Africa)

Farms Sold


Free State Bloemfonte­in

• Hartebeest­fontein (6ha portion) sold by Hendrik Viljoen to Petrus Boonzaaier for R1,8 million.


• Uitval (174ha) sold by Willem Pretorius to JJC Holliday Farming for R2,2 million.


• Rhee-Bok-Vlei (443ha) sold by Meyer Partners to Sukses Trust for R520 000.


• Two farms, including Lucerne (totalling 317ha), sold by Paul Smit to Bellevue Investment­s for R1,2 million.

Gauteng Johannesbu­rg

• Two farms, including Wilgefonte­in (totalling 241ha), sold by Boshoff Partners to Reppolk Trust for R4 million.

• Tweefontei­n (197ha) sold by unnamed seller to Macama for R950 000.


• Doornrandj­e (11ha) sold by Manda Pope to Stephan Veldsman for R1,2 million.

• Rietfontei­n (22ha) sold by Olivier Trust to Trevor van Luik for R1,8 million.


• Hartsenber­gfontein (5ha portion) sold by Rory Macnab to Coltman Partners for R2,2 million.

• Vlakplaats (19ha) sold by Bothma Partners to Improcare 175 for R3 million.

• Doornkuil (8ha portion) sold by Precious Motaung to Castle Prop Group for R500 000.

KwaZuluNat­al Ladysmith

• Roode Poort (679ha) sold by Sandra Fisher to Phekaphanz­i Trading for R5,8 million.


• Three farms, including Merino (totalling 1 618ha), sold by Manzini Estate to Emakhasane­ni Trust for R121 million.


• Schuilhoek (460ha) sold by Lewis Smuts to Hubert Beneke Trust for R7 million.

• Dagbreek (21ha) sold by Tuftrade 126 to Leroy’s Building Constructi­on for R1,1 million.

Mpumalanga Carolina

• Idalia (27ha) sold by Barali Trading & Projects to Raslin Trading for R550 000.


• Leeuwpoort (8ha portion) sold by Koch Partners to Botha Partners for R1,9 million.


• Barry (338ha) sold by JC Tecklenber­g Trust to Four Seasons Trust for R4,6 million.

• Strathmore (4ha portion) sold by Nurilinx to Redlands Trust for R200 000.

• Peebles (47ha) sold by national government to Mbayane Trust for R1,8 million.


• Weltevrede­n (3ha portion) sold by Angelique de Kock to Steyl Partners for R400 000.

• Schoongezi­gt (22ha) sold by Grant Brady to Mauritz Wentzel for R2,2 million.

• Roodewal (233ha) sold by Herman van der Elst to Morwapix for R3,5 million.

• Rietfontei­n (206ha) sold by Afrique Du Sud-Safaris to Kanivest 3163 for R3 million.

• Farm 365 (85ha) sold by Jan Scheurkoge­l to Charmaine Ngwenya for R900 000.

• Kolenbrand­er (27ha) sold by Doubell Trust to Lisabrite for R1,6 million.

Northern Cape Colesberg

• Dapperfont­ein (178ha) sold by Norvalspon­t Brickfield­s to Klawer Trust for R750 000.


• Rooilyf (5 441ha) sold by Honiball Trust to Rooilyf Properties for R13,1 million.


• Neilers Drift (31ha) sold by Koms Trust to Keimos Richter Farming for R2,8 million.


• Magersfont­ein (80ha) sold by Peter Wakelin and Lidia Brand to Kenalemang Developmen­ts for R2,5 million.


• Aroams (2 785ha) sold by Petrus Carstens to Rheon Trust for R2,3 million.

North West Lichtenbur­g

• Goedgenoeg (275ha) sold by Universal Pulse Trading 367 to Matlosana Council for R53 million.

• Rooipoort (428ha) sold by Johannes du Bruyn to J du Bruyn Trust for R1,2 million.


• Mooimeisje­sfontein (57ha) sold by Gideon du Preez to Barolong Boo Rapulana Properties for R760 000.


• Rhenosters­pruit (13ha) sold by Zwati Investment­s to Sebaka Energy Diesel Petroleum for R3,5 million.

• Hartebeest­fontein (61ha) sold by Adam van Rensburg to LAE Trust for R1,3 million.

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