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War­ren Ni­cholas lists re­cent farm sales as recorded by the Na­tional Deeds Of­fice. Please note that each trans­ac­tion is unique and the price may not re­flect the agri­cul­tural value of the farm. Email War­ren Ni­cholas at farm­er­[email protected]­ton.co.za. Sub­ject l

Farmer's Weekly (South Africa) - - Property -

• Ais (81ha) sold by Lit­tle Swift In­vest­ments 79 to St An­drews Park for R925 000.

Ali­wal North

• Len­ham (1 330ha) sold by Modesto Farm­ing to na­tional gov­ern­ment for R10 mil­lion.

Som­er­set East

• Two farms, in­clud­ing De Stille­fontein (to­talling 941ha), sold by Gideon Keevy to Chris Gre­eff Trust for R2,8 mil­lion.


• Mil­ver­ton (5ha por­tion) sold by Stel­len­hof Trust to Sweet­jar for R140 mil­lion. • Com­mando Kraal Es­tate (20ha) sold by Ever­bond Wa­ter­proof­ing to Key Strat­egy Trade for R285 000. • Two farms, in­clud­ing Three Sis­ters (to­talling 238ha), sold by Gem­ini Trust to Mi­lan Trust for R10,5 mil­lion.


• Hope Val­ley (4ha por­tion) sold by Willem Diederik Bas­son Trust to Kruger Part­ners for R880 000.


• Salo­mosrus (156ha) sold by WCE Trust to Ach Farm­ing for R6,2 mil­lion.


• Two farms, in­clud­ing Rivier­langs (to­talling 68ha), sold by Hugo Trust to Rivier­langs Trust for R4 mil­lion.


• Goedge­gund (56ha) sold by Cloete Trust to Ly­lawave for R460 000.


• Bel­mont (191ha) sold by Botha Broth­ers Trust to Barry New­ton for R1,2 mil­lion.


• Two farms, in­clud­ing Ter Aarde (to­talling 892ha), sold by Van Wyk Part­ners to Die Hat­tingh Trust for R5,6 mil­lion.


• Kalk­pan (257ha) sold by Kalk­pan 308 Trust to un­named seller for R13 mil­lion. • Yz­er­vark­fontein (21ha) sold by Shongwe Part­ners to Til­lado In­vest­ments for R1,4 mil­lion.

• Zes­fontein (11ha) sold by Mar­cus Kneen to No Flip Side for R6 mil­lion. • Alewyn­spoort (44ha) sold by Har­court Prop­er­ties 27 to Green Pearl Prop­erty for R6,5 mil­lion. • Doorn­fontein (84ha) sold by In­dus­trial Zone to Eskom Hold­ings for R5,1 mil­lion.


• Tiegerpoort (6ha por­tion) sold by JPB Trust to Bu­sisiwe Set­hole for R5 mil­lion. • Eland­shoek (12ha) sold by Ger­hardus van den Berg to Chris­ti­aan Burger for R745 000.

• Leeuw­fontein (43ha) sold by So­lar Spec­trum Trad­ing 400 to City of Tsh­wane Lo­cal Coun­cil for R24,5 mil­lion. • Krom­draai (9ha por­tion) sold by Tal­ent Em­po­rium Vi­tal­ity Care Ser­vices to Pops Eggs for R1,6 mil­lion. • Ri­et­fontein (8ha por­tion) sold by Julien Van­den­berghe to Pi­eter Nel for R2,5 mil­lion. • Jakhals­fontein (29ha) sold by Martha Coet­zee to Jab­u­lani Fakude for R1,2 mil­lion.


• Wit­fontein (76ha) sold by Wilken Part­ners to Pre­to­rius Part­ners for R1,8 mil­lion. • Bronkhorst­fontein (9ha por­tion) sold by Labour Sec­re­taries to Chiefton Prop­erty for R100 000. • Koe­does­fontein (34ha) sold by Oli­fantrus to Isak Mare for R1,9 mil­lion. • Bles­bok­fontein (70ha) sold by Jo­hannes Sch­midt to Mare Nien­aber for R2,2 mil­lion. • Elands­fontein (6ha por­tion) sold by Cor­nelia van Gent to Bakone Trust for R500 000. • Buf­felshoek (185ha) sold by Henk Pre­to­rius Trust to Mark Sul­li­van Trust for R4 mil­lion. • Eland­skraal (33ha) sold by Harms Part­ners to P Voigts In­vest­ments for R1,6 mil­lion.


• Be­gin­sel (61ha) sold by Be­gin­sel Trust to Can­dida Im­mel­man for R1,4 mil­lion.


• Ni­etge­docht (6ha por­tion) sold by Pe­ter Ash­worth to Paul Wig­gill for R510 000.

Port Shep­stone

• Comp­tons Dale (40ha) sold by Ma­homed Bux to Bux­sons Trust for R400 000.


• En­ners­dale (107ha) sold by Bene­dicte Arde to Anzu Farm­ing for R7 mil­lion. • Farm 9043 (816ha) sold by Eus­tace Es­tates Trust to New Ad­ven­ture Farm for R6,2 mil­lion.


• Kromelle­boog (141ha) sold by Els Part­ners to Zwane Part­ners for R2,2 mil­lion.

Lim­popo All­days

• Three farms, in­clud­ing Bar­row (to­talling 1 341ha), sold by Luigi Zanna to DJ Re­al­ity for R20,9 mil­lion.


• Two farms, in­clud­ing Akkerv­lyt (to­talling 2 862ha), sold by Ar­bor Truck­ing to Ny­ati Hold­ings for R10 mil­lion.


• Buf­fels­fontein (43ha) sold by Hecha to Hleke­tani Con­struc­tions for R1,6 mil­lion.

• Ri­et­vally (214ha) sold by Hen­nie Fouché Trust to Han­fra Farm­ing for R6,3 mil­lion.

• Buiskop (4ha por­tion) sold by Laven­der Part­ners to Louis Rob­bertse for R780 000.


• Wel­gevon­den (370ha) sold by Joan Lamb to Haak­dor­ing­draai Prop­er­ties for R6,5 mil­lion. • Hap­py­land (1 000ha) sold by Lead Wood Devel­op­ment to Chris­ti­aan Van­dereydt for R1,1 mil­lion.


• Beau­fort (86ha) sold by Coet­zee Part­ners to Mu­tavhatsindi Part­ners for R1 mil­lion.

• Ta­ganashoek (21ha) sold by Rodev Chick­ens to Ta­gana Farm for R2 mil­lion.

Mpumalanga Acorn­hoek

• Guernsey (21ha) sold by LM Trust to Eve­lyn Muller for R3,3 mil­lion.


• Stander­shoop (117ha) sold by Sarel van der Walt to Jan van Zyl for R1,1 mil­lion. • Goede­hoop (205ha) sold by Van der Vyver Part­ners to Paulus Hancke for R4 mil­lion. • Two farms, in­clud­ing Knap­daar (to­talling

1 246ha), sold by Ja­cobus Oosthuizen to Koffiebank Prop­er­ties for R40 mil­lion.


• Ap­pel­doorn (92ha) sold by Ock­ert Doyer to John de Jager for R1,1 mil­lion.


• Loskop Suid (168ha) sold by Man­devu’s Tribal Ad­ven­tures to Kir­mar Veld­man for R4,3 mil­lion. • Mapoc­hs­gronde (98ha) sold by Afro­scope Projects to TB Projects for R850 000. • Loskop No­ord (41ha) sold by Masemola Part­ners to Jamitrim for R530 000. • Naauw­poort (5ha por­tion) sold by C&C Olie Ver­sprei­ders to Moon­cloud 31 for R12 mil­lion.


• Her­mans­burg (5ha por­tion) sold by Mal­colm Ma­son to Her­mans­burg 450 for R500 000.

• Mag­gies­dal (3ha por­tion) sold by Ed­ward Davey to Ibandla La­mawe­seli NPC for R950 000.

• Pot­lood­spruit (21ha) sold by Ock­ert Wei­de­man to Jo­hannes Bezuiden­hout for R1,3 mil­lion.

• Uitkomst (87ha) sold by Le­nie Olivier Trust to Robert Parke for R1,5 mil­lion. • Wel­tevre­den (12ha) sold by Cas­sell Part­ners to Am­ber Moun­tain In­vest­ment 142 for R620 000.

• Eland­shoek (86ha) sold by Jo­hannes Koch to Jens Demm­ler for R1,4 mil­lion.

North­ern Cape Calvinia

• Isaacs Kraal (407ha) sold by Floris Brand to Pierre Rus­souw for R360 000.

• Five farms, in­clud­ing Lospers Plaats (to­talling 13 366ha), sold by Maria Bur­den to Hen­drik Bur­den for R6 mil­lion.


• Droog­foots Fon­tein (6 424ha) sold by Ni­co­laas van Gass to Ock­ert Con­radie for R1,2 mil­lion.


• Dam (2 238ha) sold by Jo­han Haupt­fleisch to na­tional gov­ern­ment for R5,8 mil­lion.


• Farm 55 (926ha) sold by Ja­cobus Horn to Anouk Trust for R1,2 mil­lion.


• Three farms, in­clud­ing Wanebaai (to­talling 3 123ha), sold by Fried­shelf 846 to Win­ter­shoek Pri­vate Game Re­serve for R21 mil­lion.


• Se­d­u­all (43ha) sold by un­named seller to On­ti­betse Mochware for R150 000.


• Mau­ri­tius Gat (329ha) sold by Bles­fontein Trust to Keith Skin­ner for R920 000. • Two farms, in­clud­ing Steenkamp’s Hoek (to­talling 1 791ha), sold by Barend Lam­brechts to Lam­brechts Trust for R1,6 mil­lion.

North West Bloemhof

• Mi­mosa (22ha) sold by Dirk & Mar­i­anne Fourie Trust to Dirk Fourie for R200 000.


• Zout­pan of Kopje Zyn Pan (102ha) sold by Ni­co­laas Bouwer to Mathys Grobbe­laar for R1,2 mil­lion.


• Wilde­beest­laagte (370ha) sold by JA Pre­to­rius Trust to Vatvoor Trust for R3,1 mil­lion. • Hoogekraal (8ha plot) sold by Stormwind Trust to Hermanus Geb­hardt for R850 000.

• Klip­fontein (249ha) sold by JJH Harmse Farm­ing to Jeraszebo Farm­ing for R3,6 mil­lion.


• Com­missies­drift (120ha) sold by Coet­zer Trust to Rele­bogile Con­sult­ing for R2,8 mil­lion.

• Mooi­hoek (23ha) sold by Willem Bezuiden­hout to De Jager Part­ners for R1,3 mil­lion. • Buf­felshoek (3ha por­tion) sold by Paul van Niek­erk to Van Rooi Part­ners for R1,1 mil­lion. • Remhoogte (48ha) sold by Jo­hannes Neeth­ling to Dormehl & As­so­ci­ates for R4 mil­lion.

• Bult­fontein (98ha) sold by Tsi­etsi Lech­aba to Mer­afe Fer­rochrome & Min­ing for R3 mil­lion. • Krokodildrift (9ha por­tion) sold by Megs Car­ri­ers to Brian Bon­ner for R2 mil­lion. • Kraal­hoek (7ha por­tion) sold by Barnard Part­ners to

JH & M Hard­ing Trust for R400 000.


• Zwaarver­di­end (43ha) sold by Henro Trust to An­neri So­lu­tions for R600 000.

Western Cape Cal­itz­dorp

• Wel­gerust (323ha) sold by Ni­co­laas Fourie to Fanie Zaay­man Trust for R746 000. • Huis Rivier (74ha) sold by Kirstie Nel to Tol­her­berg for R685 000.


• Cedar­sig (41ha) sold by Wil­ger­weg Trust to Yster­fontein Trust for R7 mil­lion.


• Farm 1227 (48ha) sold by Neels Smit Trust to Vividzeal Trust for R600 000.

Mos­sel Bay

• Farm 218 (342ha) sold by Van Zyl Part­ners to Nage­noeg Farm­ing for R8,9 mil­lion.


• Nieuwe Drift (5ha por­tion) sold by Schoe­man Part­ners to Sipres­laan Trust for R250 000.


• Farm 736 (192ha) sold by Mun Drak­en­stein to Dis­tell for R10,5 mil­lion. • Joost­en­berg Vlakte (3ha por­tion) sold by Pro Pup to Ju­mani Trust for R6,3 mil­lion. • Bly (18ha) sold by Goedge­noeg Trust to Ce­cilia Farm­ing for R15 mil­lion. • Joost­en­bergs Vlakte (7ha por­tion) sold by Chair Craft Farm­ing to Gavin Wurz for R5,3 mil­lion.


• Two farms, in­clud­ing Weg­wyz­ers Rivier (to­talling 287ha), sold by Stil­baai Howard Farms to Kat­lou Farm­ing for R8,5 mil­lion.

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