Farmer's Weekly (South Africa)


- by Avril van der Merwe (PUFFIN, R100)

It’s a lovely day in the bushveld and the animals wonder why Bushbaby is still sleeping, so they try to coax him out.

Owl, who knows all about daytime slumber, is the only one who understand­s that Bushbaby is also a creature of the night.

When it gets dark, he teams up with a refreshed and bouncy Bushbaby.

The pair enjoy many adventures together until they’re exhausted and the sun comes up again.

A charming story about shyness, the misunderst­andings it can create, and how to be sensitive in helping shy people find their feet in a group and make new friends in their own way.

Colourful illustrati­ons from Heidi-Kate Greeff add extra layers of humour and background stories to the main plot.

Patricia McCracken is a features and investigat­ive journalist.

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