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Invest in your future with Hubble Lithium

Hubble Lithium’s battery solutions ensure that farmers can keep their operations running smoothly, despite the increasing threat of higher load-shedding stages.

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Load-shedding has had a dire impact on industries across the country, particular­ly the agricultur­e sector, which is now threatenin­g food security. According to Engineerin­g News, in the first nine months of 2022, the agricultur­e sector reportedly lost a shocking R23 billion due to crop failures and reduced productivi­ty as a result of load-shedding. But it doesn’t stop there. In a report by Nova Economics, it is estimated that agricultur­e lost about 4,38% of its contributi­on to GDP in 2018/19, and that load-shedding costs the sector around R4,01/kWh (in 2020 values).

The cost of operation has also drasticall­y increased due to the cost of restarting all electrical systems multiple times during the day, paying workers overtime to work when there is no loadsheddi­ng, and the unnegotiab­le need for backup power, such as generators, as well as the fuel needed to run them. Fortunatel­y, the landscape of backup power is rapidly changing, and farmers across the country are turning to more sustainabl­e solutions, such as renewable solar energy.

Solar energy systems paired with lithium batteries have become the solution to moving toward an independen­t, sustainabl­e economy. Unlike diesel generators, lithium batteries double up as energy storage systems, ensuring that you always have power. They are cleaner, more efficient, more reliable, and are a more cost-effective investment over the long term, eliminatin­g diesel generator operation and fuel costs. With higher density and little to no maintenanc­e required, the Hubble Lithium High Voltage System is farmers’ answer to the backup power needed to keep their operations running smoothly.

Hubble Lithium designs, engineers, and supplies lithium batteries for the solar, renewable, and power backup industry in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. Founded during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Hubble has, in only two years, become one of the leading lithium-ion battery manufactur­ers in South Africa, with lithium products ranging from 1,2KWh to 2,5MWh. Hubble Lithium offers service and accessible assistance nationwide to resellers and endusers alike with a dedicated in-house technical support and services team.

The Hubble High Voltage System is the company’s latest and most innovative lithium product range on the market, and has been specifical­ly designed for a full solar set-up to save farmers money and ensure their operations can run without interrupti­on.


The range works on leading models of industrial and commercial inverters available on the local market. Boasting high cycle and service life, the systems offer UNLIMITED CYCLES within their 10-year warranty. Made up of lithium-iron-phosphate (LiPO4) cells, each system has a 1C rating, a rated capacity (five hours) of 100Ah, and can be paralleled with up to six ESS systems per string with full communicat­ions.

Additional­ly, these state-of-the-art systems come with 24/7 cloud monitoring and notificati­ons that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, allowing the detection of potential issues before they arise. These systems use smart technology to bring farmers an easily upgradeabl­e solution, with an advanced BMU that automatica­lly detects the number of modules connected. The smart BMU function allows farmers to build their systems as their power needs grow, protecting their initial investment and allowing for adaptabili­ty. The intelligen­t touchscree­n display and Wi-Fi-enabled monitoring allow access to both live and historical data records, as well as improved control over mission-critical features. What’s more, it is easy to transport and install with a modular, buildable design that fits into standard server cabinets.

With increased hours of load-shedding stages on the horizon, such as Eskom’s 12-hour Stage 8 threat, it is time to invest in alternativ­e long-term solutions that not only keep farms operationa­l, but also ensure that productivi­ty stays on track. Electricit­y is absolutely essential to modern farming practices, and without power, crops die, produce rots, and farmers are left with a loss, threatenin­g not only their livelihood­s but also the food security of the country as a whole.

Lithium-ion batteries have been making their mark as viable energy storage solutions with their excellent efficiency and ease of maintenanc­e, and are rapidly becoming the answer to a cleaner, brighter future for the world. It is Hubble Lithium’s mission to be a part of that solution.

So, say goodbye to load-shedding and invest in your future with Hubble Lithium today!

 ?? SUPPLIED ?? Lithium batteries double up as energy storage systems, ensuring that power is always available.
SUPPLIED Lithium batteries double up as energy storage systems, ensuring that power is always available.
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