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Small town self-service


The letter from David Bergman refers, where he expresses his concern about the state of rural towns, in his case Belfast and Lydenburg ( Letters January 15-21).

Allow me to explain from experience how these little towns work. This level is called local government and starts with a local election of ward councillor­s. Because of the way that ward divisions are done, in most cases only one or at the maximum two DA councillor­s are elected. The balance of the town council will be ANC. From this council a mayor is elected. He chooses the municipal manager and other important appointmen­ts from a list of applicants, bearing in mind that behind the scenes the electionee­ring machine made promises to various people.

These posts are filled and then they in turn get their friends on board. You need to remember too that 90% of the appointees have absolutely no experience of running a

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