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31 000 solar jobs were created in the US between November 2013 and November 2014, a Solar Foundation report states. 85% of jobs are new, rather than new responsibi­lities added to existing positions. 173 807 people have solarrelat­ed jobs in the US, a number that’s risen 87% over the past five years. This growth is 10 times faster than the growth of the US economy. 2 to 1 is the rate at which solar jobs outnumber coal

mining jobs.

5,8% are constructi­on jobs, 18,7% are in manufactur­ing and

11,6% in sales & distributi­on. 50% more jobs were created in the solar industry than in oil & gas pipeline constructi­on, crude oil and natural gas

extraction. 20 000 jobs (most of which are contract positions) have been created in SA by solar projects over the three rounds of the renewable energy independen­t power producer programme,

national treasury says. 520 jobs were created during

the constructi­on (and operation) of the 50 MW De Aar photovolta­ic plant in the Northern Cape. The 60MW

Boshoff solar park was expected to generate 250 jobs. R5 000-R12 000 is the size of Eskom’s solar water geyser rebate, which will soon fall under the energy department. 6 000 local jobs were lost when a rebate on low-pressure systems ceased in 2012.

Razina Munshi Source: FM research

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