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Coach in your ear


A few months ago the Financial Mail reviewed the Jabra Sports Wireless+ earphones. These earphones came with several in-ear gels so that you could customise your fit, and they connected to your music source (such as an iPod or smartphone) wirelessly, letting you jog, cycle or whatever without worrying about fiddly wires getting in the way.

I liked them generally, and rated them three out of five across the three categories we routinely include. My only complaint was the fit, which despite all the extra gels wasn’t very comfortabl­e (for me, at least). And the over-ear hooks contribute­d to this. They were light as a feather, yes, but I was very aware of wearing the earphones. I had to get used to the feeling first, and then reap the benefits of the device.

With this in mind, I was pleasantly surprised by the Sports Pulse wireless earphones (also from Jabra), launched locally late last year. They are lighter and smaller, and the in-ear fit (rather than the over-ear hooks) is

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