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Coenraad Bezuidenho­ut Would like single sites to get SEZ status


Ramncwana says that key to the ELIDZ’s mandate is diversific­ation of the province’s industrial sector.

“The ELIDZ has achieved notable success in this area. Last year saw the attraction of investors to the zone’s renewable energy sector.

“The ELIDZ also has investors in the automotive, aquacultur­e, agriproces­sing and general manufactur­ing sectors,” she says. “We continue to work with the department of trade & industry to chart a smooth transition from the IDZ into the SEZ programme.

“We have, in the past year, worked closely with the DTI on how to operationa­lise the new legislatio­n, especially with changes relating to funding, incentives and the broader SEZ value propositio­n.”

The ELIDZ will remain an integral part of the province’s industrial­isation through the new SEZ dispensati­on, according to Ramncwana.

“This is allowed for in section 39(2) of the SEZ

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