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t sounds enticing: access to thousands of creative advertisin­g and marketing personnel to help promote your brand or tell you if your planned campaign is going to work. But is SA ready to embrace such “crowdsourc­ing”?

Internatio­nally, the idea is not new. Brand SA, the body that promotes SA overseas, is working with US-based crowdsourc­ing specialist Idea Bounty, inviting suggestion­s for encouragin­g Indian tourism to SA. The supplier of the best plan will win US$10 000.

Crowdsourc­ing entails throwing an advertisin­g brief out into the market and seeing who comes up with the best idea. Those taking part may be independen­t or fulltime agency creatives.

Unilever is among many major groups shifting part of their business from traditiona­l agencies to crowdsourc­ing companies.

Trevor Wolfe, Africa and Middle East MD for SA crowdsourc­ing company Springleap, believes there is great potential in Africa. The company started life running competitio­ns for T-shirt designs but is now a fully fledged crowdsourc­er. It operates out of Cape Town and Johannesbu­rg and last year opened an office in New York.

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