Zim­babwe got where it is now be­cause spine­less SA lead­ers, from Mbeki to Ramaphosa, em­pow­ered a mur­der­ous regime

Financial Mail - - AT HOME & ABROAD - @jus­tice­malala by Jus­tice Malala

Some­times, as a per­son or a coun­try, you draw the short straw. You could be liv­ing in an upand-com­ing coun­try like Brazil, for ex­am­ple, with hopes for a great fu­ture and some pros­per­ity, only to have a rightwing nar­cis­sist like Jair Bol­sonaro be elected pres­i­dent — and all your hopes of a bright fu­ture are dashed. A great coun­try, poor lead­er­ship. The only ques­tion there is whether the coun­try can sur­vive a bad leader. rest of the world are hope­ful we can change a bad sys­tem, or that we can get rid of a poor leader, Zim­babwe is a coun­try that seems to have nei­ther the abil­ity nor the will nor the hope of es­cap­ing its shack­les. Let’s not beat about the bush here. The coun­try to the north of us is a failed state at ev­ery level you can imag­ine. And we, from Thabo Mbeki to Zuma and now Ramaphosa, have helped its loot­ers along very nicely for the past 20 years. In­deed, the ANC has been ap­plaud­ing as that coun­try’s elite has looted and plun­dered.

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