Financial Mail : 2020-07-09



crossword Cryptic No 83 ACROSS (7) 16 Menace from the rat (6) 17 Worship changes I defy (5) 20 She’s never acting a part (4) 1~2~3~4~5~6~~ 7````~8`````` `~`~`~`~`~`~~ 9``````~0````~`~~~`~`~`~` `~~=q```````` `~w~`~~~`~`~` e`````r```~~` `~`~`~`~~~t~` y````~u`i```` ~~`~`~`~`~`~` o``````~p```` ~~`~`~`~`~`~` 7 An attic up above (5) 8 A runaway affair on ship? (7) 9 It cancels any sailing order (7) 10 Sets a snare and gets what deserves (5) 12 Solemnly declare as almost (10) 15 Secures rent shops (5,5) 18 Staid sort of robes? (5) 19 I arrive upset in a holiday spot (7) 21 You can’t do a thing with it (7) 22 Strip a fire-arm (5) one cut-rate for one of a group of SOLUTION No 82 DOWN Across: 1 Construct ways to run off (4,6) 2 You’re not certain to have it (5) 3 Move with a little spooning? (4) 4 A wild horse on land (6) 5 A train-driver (8) 6 Fight and give a thrashing to a tough character (7) 11 Took a chance, or just thought about it (10) 13 Notaries, perhaps from Spain (8) 14 He takes chances in his occupation 1 Asia; 8 Vocal cords; 9 Epidemic; 10 Ebbs; 12 Dreads; 14 Switch; 15 Uglier; 17 Cogent; 18 Etna; 19 Fair game; 21 Take his bow; 22 Nero. Down: SCRIBBLE PAD 2 Shipwright; 3 Avid; 4 Scamps; 5 Slacks; 6 Lowering; 7 Uses; 11 Back number; 13 Animated; 16 Raffia; 17 Climbs; 18 Eats; 20 Gown. OUR STORIES ARE NOW AVAILABLE “stories” Simply type the word ON 0600 44 22 54 to choose to your story! NAL'IBALI SUPPLEMENT­S Accessing our fantastic range of multilingu­al stories on your cell phone is now easier (and cheaper) than ever! Your favourite stories in the language of your choice, are now available on our Whatsapp story line making reading on the go quick and simple. Get your bilingual newspaper supplement the and For more informatio­n, past editions and language combinatio­ns, visit reading-for-enjoyment in the Sowetan, Sunday Daily Dispatch The Herald. Times Express, Brought to you in partnershi­p with Arena Holdings, the 16-page supplement is packed with literacy activities, reading advice and reading club tips to help make reading and storytelli­ng a part of children’s everyday lives. And its handy “cut-outand-keep” design, allows children to collect stories and develop mini libraries of their own. NAL'IBALI ON SOCIAL MEDIA Join the conversati­on on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter for inspiratio­nal reading-for-enjoyment tips, updates and competitio­ns. Visit our Youtube channel for useful reading club tips. NAL'IBALI ON RADIO FIND US ONLINE Visit or for a growing collection of FREE children’s stories, literacy tips and downloadab­le tip sheets in a range of South African languages. Tune in to Nal’ibali on SABC’S public radio stations and enjoy children’s stories in all 11 official languages. Visit for the Nal’ibali radio schedule. is here to motivate and support you. by calling our call centre on 02 11 80 40 80, or in any of these ways: Nal’ibali Contact us ŝ Ğ Ž ŜŴĂŐŜŶĂ ŽŶ . financialm­ 61 July 9 - July 15, 2020

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