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Developmen­ts in the SA poultry industry


According to Izaak Breitenbac­h, general manager of the SA Poultry Associatio­n’s (Sapa’s) Broiler Producers Organisati­on, the acceptance of the master plan has led to the following positive developmen­ts:

Commitment­s of investment­s to the value of R1.14bn have already been made and by 2023 this should grow to R1.5bn.

The annual production capacity increased from 117m broilers in 2019 to 123m in 2020 and 135m this year.

The weekly slaughteri­ng capacity was increased from 19.5m broilers in 2019 to 20.5m and 22.5m in 2020 and this year respective­ly.

Currently, there are 98 black-owned broiler businesses compared to 70 in 2019. Black farmers are now farming with 26m chickens.

In 2020, the industry created 980 new jobs and 1 298 have been created thus far this year.

It’s estimated that the industry’s contributi­on to the gross domestic product (GDP) increased by 5.2% from R48bn in 2019 to R50.5bn in 2020.

Its contributi­on to GDP is expected to increase to R52.7bn this year and to R54bn next year, but this is subject to the possible impact of avian flu.

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