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There’s a big dif­fer­ence be­tween wines that are imbued with sun­shine – think rich fruity chenins – to ones that are filled with light. Lu­mi­nous wines of­fer pure crys­talline fruit; they fiz­zle with en­ergy and have acidi­ties that bor­der on elec­tric.

I re­cently had this rev­e­la­tion at a tast­ing of the 2017 re­leases for Al­heit Vine­yards. Their wine­maker, Chris Al­heit, some­how man­ages to bot­tle the spirit of the vine­yards he works with. One such ex­am­ple is the Huilkrans Chenin Blanc 2017. It has an al­most meta­phys­i­cal en­ergy that sings of its place of ori­gin, the Skurf­berg – an iso­lated moun­tain­ous out­post with old vines and a cliff that weeps when it rains (hence the name).

“Wine is a hum­bling thing,” Chris muses. “It’s seen many men and women fall in love with it, only to re­turn to dust at the end of their short lives. No­body can mas­ter it, no­body can van­quish it.

It’s the work of gen­er­a­tions, not of one per­son.

So, en­joy your times with wine! Re­joice that you’ve come to know such a lu­mi­nous thing!”

This month we’re do­ing just that by shin­ing the light on wines that are per­fect for sum­mer sip­ping; from sin­gle-va­ri­etal op­tions to blended whites.

What’s the deal with a blend, you ask? Some grape va­ri­eties come to­gether har­mo­niously, like clas­sic blends of semil­lon and sau­vi­gnon blanc or a host of va­ri­eties, each one bring­ing some­thing dif­fer­ent to the wine.

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