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These de­li­cious small dumplings are stuffed sim­ply with mashed potato and served with onions cooked in but­ter so slowly they caramelise.

I’ve usu­ally en­coun­tered them in the south of Ge­or­gia.

These khinkali are made with the sim­plest dough – just flour and water – and the amounts of flour you’ll need may vary to make a dough that’s pli­able enough to roll out with­out stick­ing.

MAKES about 18 PREPA­RA­TION 35 min­utes COOK 30 min­utes 350 g / 12 oz potato, peel on 30 q /1 oz / 2 tbsp but­ter


O g / oz a cups p ain a pur­pose flour 120 ml / 4 fl oz / 1/2 cup water 1/2 tsp salt


g / 4 oz / 1/2 cup high-qual­ity or I clar­i­fied but­ter 170 g / 6 oz / 11/4 cups chopped onion salt

Boil the potato un­til it’s just soft. Strain, peel and mash it with the 30 g / 1 oz of but­ter. Salt to taste. Set aside.

Make the dough by fol­low­ing the in­struc­tions [see fac­ing page].

Pre­pare the onions: in a heavy­bot­tomed, small saucepan, melt the but­ter. Stir in the onions and cook, over low to very low heat, un­til the onions and but­ter are start­ing to turn golden-brown. Check to make sure the onions are not cook­ing too fast: the but­ter should be lightly bub­bling and the whole process should take 20–30 min­utes. Swirl the pan ev­ery few min­utes.

When the colour be­gins to deepen, swirl it more of­ten, re­mov­ing the pan from the heat if the colour deep­ens too much. You’re look­ing for a rich nut brown. Don’t let it burn! You’ll be re­warded with de­li­cious sweet-tast­ing onions. As soon as the onions are done, re­move the pan from the heat.

Make the khinkali, fol­low­ing the in­struc­tions [see fac­ing page]. Roll the dough out about 6 mm / ¼ in thick­ness ini­tially and use a small cut­ter 5.5 cm/ 2¼ in in di­am­e­ter to form the dough cir­cles. Roll them out fur­ther be­fore fill­ing them with the potato mix­ture.

Serve the boiled khinkali with the bowl of hot but­tered onions on the side.


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