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Keep­ing your kitchen squeaky clean is dif­fi­cult – food prepa­ra­tion, chil­dren and pets can all quickly be­come a hy­giene night­mare. Luck­ily, us­ing SPAR Ger­mex with G-cide and fol­low­ing these great guide­lines will help you keep your kitchen in tip-top shape

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1 Wipe your hand­bag or lap­top case with SPAR Ger­mex Hy­giene Wipes to kill germs that may be lurk­ing on the sur­face. Re­frain from plac­ing your hand­bag on your kitchen counter to avoid trans­fer­ring germs to the coun­ter­top. 2 Get a clean­ing caddy that you can eas­ily move around with you as you dean. Stock it with SPAR Ger­mex All Pur­pose Cleaner, Ger­mex Hy­giene Liq­uid, Ger­mex Kitchen Cleaner, Ger­mex Hy­giene Wipes and Ger­mex Multi-Pur­pose Spray. This spray can be spritzed onto a clean cloth and used to wipe down sur­faces to save on wa­ter 3 There are some parts of your kitchen that need a thor­ough clean ev­ery now and again. For ex­am­ple, the stove hood and vent cover re­quire a reg­u­lar scrub to get rid of ac­cu­mu­lated grease and dust. Use very warm wa­ter and SPAR Ger­mex All Pur­pose Cream Cleaner to cut through the grime and dis­in­fect at the same time. 4 Germs love cut­ting boards, so it's best to hit them where it hurts. Soak your boards in wa­ter mixed with SPAR Ger­mex Dish­wash­ing Liq­uid be­fore wash­ing off any mi­cro-or­gan­isms left be­hind af­ter food prepa­ra­tion. 5 Clean your wash­ing ma­chine by run­ning an empty cy­cle us­ing SPAR Ger­mex Hy­giene Liq­uid or SPAR Ger­mex Thick Bleach. This will take care of any built-up soap scum or residue, en­sur­ing that your ma­chine works at its op­ti­mum. 6 Have pets? Try to keep their eat­ing area away from the kitchen or, at least, sep­a­rate from the food prepa­ra­tion area. Also, wash away any germs and dirt traipsed in us­ing SPAR Ger­mex All Pur­pose Cleaner.

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