Knys­na s­how aims for 400 clas­sic vehi­cles

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Held in pri­me ho­li­day se­a­son in the he­art of the Gar­den Rou­te, the 2018 Knys­na Mo­tor S­how will be hos­ted for the se­venth succes­si­ve ye­ar on 29 A­pril. With spon­sors­hip by San­lam P­ri­va­te We­alth, the e­vent is on­ce a­gain set to sur­pass all re­cords. The tar­get for t­his ye­ar is 400 clas­sic cars and mo­tor­cy­cles of all ca­te­go­ries.

Last ye­ar the s­how drew c­lo­se to the ma­gi­cal 400 mark of very ex­clu­si­ve ma­chi­nes and o­ver 6 000 vi­si­tors to the splen­did ve­nue at the Knys­na High S­chool sports grounds. The ma­chi­nes en­te­red all fall un­der the “clas­sic” he­a­ding and the­re are a num­ber of subca­te­go­ries.

The­se in­clu­de sports clas­si­cs, mo­dern clas­si­cs, ve­te­ran and vin­ta­ge ma­chi­nes built up to 1945, and col­lecti­ble ro­ad and ra­cing mo­tor­cy­cles in both on and off-ro­ad gui­se.


Or­ga­ni­sed by the Gar­den Rou­te Mo­tor Club, t­his is an in­vi­ta­ti­on-on­ly e­vent, which ma­kes the gro­wth in the mo­tor s­how all the mo­re re­mar­ka­ble. It en­su­res that the stan­dard is ex­tre­me­ly high. Part of its success is due to the fact that so­me of the coun­try’s fi­nest clas­sic, vin­ta­ge and ve­te­ran ma­chi­nes re­si­de in lock-ups and barns al­ong the Gar­den Rou­te.

Last ye­ar the e­vent at­trac­ted di­ver­se top-qua­li­ty ma­chi­nes, ran­ging from ve­te­ran mo­dels such as a u­ni­que Hi­spa­no Sui­za from 1926 to a to­tal­ly re­sto­red Porsche 911 ra­ce car as com­pe­ted in by Ga­ry Dun­ker­ley in the clas­sic Wesbank Mo­di­fied se­ries in the e­ar­ly 1990s. La­ter mo­del clas­si­cs in­clu­ded Fer­ra­ris and Lam­bor­g­hi­nis, as well as so­me de­lec­ta­ble Du­ca­tis. “The aim t­his ye­ar is to at­tract 400 cars, but still keep the e­vent ma­na­ge­a­ble, es­pe­ci­al­ly in terms of qua­li­ty,” says Pe­ter P­re­to­ri­us, chair­man of the Gar­den Rou­te Mo­tor Club.


“Last ye­ar, short­ly af­ter our won­der­ful s­how, fi­res de­va­sta­ted the Gar­den Rou­te, af­fecting a­re­as from Knys­na, Sed­ge­field, and sur­roun­ding a­re­as, e­ven as far as P­let­ten­berg Bay," says P­re­to­ri­us. “So­me 8 000 pe­op­le we­re left ho­me­less, le­a­ving fa­mi­lies from for­mal and in­for­mal suburbs see­king ur­gent re­lief, sup­plies and sup­port. With the hu­ge success of the Knys­na Mo­tor S­how last ye­ar and with the sup­port of our spon­sor, San­lam P­ri­va­te We­alth, we we­re a­ble to do­na­te an a­mount of R150 000 to cha­ri­ties, as well as to car and mo­tor­cy­cle ent­hu­si­as­ts who had lost e­ver­y­thing in the fi­re. T­his ye­ar we aim to rai­se mo­re than that a­mount, to do­na­te to cha­ri­ties ser­vi­cing t­ho­se still suf­fe­ring as Knys­na gets re­built. To a­chie­ve that, we need the sup­port of par­ti­ci­pants to en­ter cars and mo­tor­cy­cles in e­ven gre­a­ter num­bers and for the pu­blic to vi­sit w­hat we be­lie­ve is one of the be­st car shows in the coun­try.”

T­hough the Knys­na Mo­tor S­how is an in­vi­ta­ti­on-on­ly e­vent, the Gar­den Rou­te Mo­tor Club en­coura­ges ent­hu­si­as­ts to con­tact the club with a view of en­te­ring.


The Knys­na Mo­tor S­how is a one-day on­ly e­vent, held at the Knys­na High S­chool sports grounds, with e­le­gant food and drink stalls pro­vi­ding re­freshments. The s­how is fa­mi­ly o­rien­ta­ted, with a re­laxed at­mos­p­he­re a key no­te.

The s­how al­so falls just one week be­fo­re the Ja­guar Si­mo­la Hil­l­climb in Knys­na, ma­king it i­de­al to com­bi­ne the­se two top qua­li­ty e­vents in­to an un­be­lie­va­ble “pe­trol­he­ad fa­mi­ly” ge­ta­way.

The s­how runs from 09:00 to 16:00 on Sun­day 29 A­pril. Ad­mis­si­on p­ri­ces are very fa­mi­ly o­rien­ta­ted - a­dults: R50, child­ren from 12 to 18: R10 and child­ren un­der 12 en­ter free.

For mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on, con­tact Pe­ter P­re­to­ri­us on 082 321 4724 / pe­terp@a­fri­host. Al­ter­na­ti­ve­ly, vi­sit the Gar­den Rou­te Mo­tor Club’s web­si­te,­

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