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The Volks­wa­gen Po­lo Vi­vo has sold 193 343 u­nits sin­ce its in­tro­ducti­on in 2010 and the Po­lo Vi­vo Ha­tch has been the be­st-sel­ling pas­sen­ger mo­del in South A­fri­ca for the past se­ven y­e­ars. As the on­ly lo­cal­ly built mo­del in its highly com­pe­ti­ti­ve seg­ment, the Po­lo Vi­vo re­mains on top in spi­te of com­pe­ting mo­dels being laun­ched re­gu­lar­ly. The new Po­lo Vi­vo now of­fers mo­re.

As the on­ly lo­cal­ly built mo­del in the com­pe­ti­ti­ve A0 seg­ment, the Po­lo Vi­vo re­mains the le­a­der in the en­try-le­vel ha­tch seg­ment. With the la­test of­fe­ring, the mo­del is set to re­main at the top of the log in this seg­ment. Volks­wa­gen SA at­tri­bu­tes the mar­ket’s loy­al­ty to af­for­da­bi­li­ty, build qua­li­ty, sa­fe­ty, spa­ce and com­fort.

Po­lo Vi­vo al­so has the be­st re­si­du­al va­lue in its seg­ment in the u­sed car mar­ket, whi­le the cost of o­w­ners­hip o­ver a 3-y­e­ar cy­cle ma­kes it one of the most af­for­da­ble cars to own. Ne­ar­ly 76% of parts are sour­ced from lo­cal sup­pliers which en­su­res that parts re­main af­for­da­ble and con­tri­bu­tes to the low cost of o­w­ners­hip.


“Vi­vo” me­ans “li­ve­ly” or “brisk”, so it is no sur­pri­se the new Po­lo Vi­vo is of­fe­red in a wi­de­a­wa­ke ha­tch bo­dy ver­si­on, ba­sed on the fifth ge­ne­ra­ti­on Po­lo which has been en­han­ced. D­ri­ver as­sis­tan­ce and in­fo­tai­n­ment sy­s­tems as well as the new TSI en­gi­ne are all now com­bi­ned with a 6-speed ma­nu­al trans­mis­si­on. Vi­su­al­ly, the new Po­lo Vi­vo has a shar­per front and re­ar de­sign with fresh co­lours, new in­te­ri­or ma­te­ri­als and new spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons.

The mo­del ran­ge com­pri­ses three e­quip­ment li­nes, T­rend­li­ne, Com­fort­li­ne and High­li­ne. The ha­tch bo­dy ver­si­on is al­so a­vai­la­ble in a top-oft­he-ran­ge GT de­ri­va­ti­ve, which is the ver­si­on sho­wn on our co­ver. The ex­te­ri­or mir­rors and door hand­les of the Com­fort­li­ne and GT de­ri­va­ti­ves are of­fe­red in sty­lish bo­dy co­lour.

The T­rend­li­ne, Com­fort­li­ne and High­li­ne ha­ve new in­te­ri­or trims for ni­cer am­bien­ce and feel in the ca­bin. Com­fort­li­ne, High­li­ne and GT de­ri­va­ti­ves now all ha­ve a heig­ht ad­jus­ta­ble d­ri­ver se­at, which ma­kes it e­a­sy to set one’s i­de­al dri­ving po­si­ti­on wit­hout fuss.

For in-car en­ter­tai­n­ment, cu­s­to­mers ha­ve an op­ti­on of Ra­dio 140G SD/USB/Blu­e­tooth with four spea­kers (stan­dard on T­rend­li­ne and Com­fort­li­ne). High­li­ne and GT get two ex­tra spea­kers for sound en­han­ce­ment as well as a co­lour tou­chscreen Ra­dio 340G which in­clu­des App-Con­nect.

Acti­ve and pas­si­ve stan­dard sa­fe­ty fe­a­tu­res ha­ve been en­han­ced in the new Po­lo. ABS, a­larm and re­mo­te cen­tral locking are stan­dard fe­a­tu­res a­cross the ran­ge. Front fog lig­hts are a stan­dard fe­a­tu­re in Com­fort­li­ne, High­li­ne and GT de­ri­va­ti­ves.

The Volks­wa­gen Po­lo Vi­vo has ge­ne­rous boot spa­ce. For the ha­tch bo­dy ver­si­on, the vo­lu­me of 280 lit­res can in­cre­a­se to 952 lit­res with the se­ats fol­ded do­wn.


The so­phi­sti­ca­ted de­sign of the Po­lo Vi­vo with

its cle­an li­nes is pre­ci­se and sharp. The new Po­lo Vi­vo is 3 972mm long, 1 682mm wi­de and 1 462mm high.

The front-end de­sign has a mo­re three­di­men­si­o­nal and spor­ty look due to a re­de­sig­ned bum­per and lar­ger, lo­wer air in­ta­ke.

In the re­ar bum­per a­rea, the car’s width is emp­ha­si­sed by sty­ling cu­es, in­clu­ding a cle­a­ner ho­ri­zon­tal la­yout and a wi­der cut-out for the li­cen­ce pla­te. The tra­pe­zoi­dal ou­ter con­tour of this a­rea ex­tends to­wards the re­ar w­heels, which cre­a­tes a mo­re dy­n­a­mic de­sign ten­si­on. The re­ar re­flec­tors, now em­bed­ded in the bum­per, al­so sup­port the vi­su­al im­pres­si­on of gre­a­ter width and the re­ar lig­hts are al­so new in de­sign.

From the si­de, the new Po­lo Vi­vo can be dif­fe­ren­ti­a­ted by its smart new al­loy w­heels. The w­heel li­ne-up con­sis­ts of the stan­dard steel w­heels for the Po­lo T­rend­li­ne and Com­fort­li­ne (14”) and op­ti­o­nal 15” al­loy w­heel or 16” for the Po­lo High­li­ne. The 17” al­loy w­heel co­mes stan­dard on the to-of-the-ran­ge GT mo­del.

The Vi­vo is a­vai­la­ble in the fol­lo­wing bo­dy co­lours: Flash Red, Pu­re W­hi­te, Re­flex Sil­ver, Reef Blue, Li­mes­to­ne G­rey and Pe­ar­les­cent Deep Black .

New la­yout of in­stru­ments and cen­t­re con­so­le ma­de it pos­si­ble to in­tro­du­ce er­go­no­mic and vi­su­al im­pro­vements. A three-spo­ke s­teer­ing w­heel and new in­stru­ment clus­ter look ca­t­ches the eye, whi­le in­stru­ments are fa­mi­li­ar to the Volks­wa­gen d­ri­ver.

The in­fo­tai­n­ment sy­stem is found in the cen­t­re con­so­le, which is i­de­al­ly po­si­ti­o­ned with a “mo­du­lar in­fo­tai­n­ment sy­stem” (MIB) ra­dio sy­stem.


Li­ve­ly mo­dern en­gi­nes will me­an dri­ving en­joy­ment and fu­el ef­fi­cien­cy, as Au­tode­a­ler's launch dri­ve be­t­ween Port E­li­za­beth and P­let­ten­berg Bay de­mon­stra­ted. We ma­na­ged to get in­to two of the three op­ti­ons of the four-cy­lin­der pe­trol en­gi­nes, the 1,4 and the three-cy­lin­der TSI en­gi­ne. The po­wer out­put of the four-cy­lin­der en­gi­nes ran­ge from 55kW to 77kW. Both cars ca­me with 5-speed ma­nu­al trans­mis­si­ons, whi­le we look for­ward to dri­ving the top of the ran­ge GT with the 1,0 TSI, 81kW en­gi­ne in 6-speed ma­nu­al.

Du­ring the dri­ve, the 1,4 de­li­ve­ring 55kW on the T­rend­li­ne va­ri­ant pro­ved im­pres­si­ve and, odd­ly e­nough, see­med a bit li­ve­lier than the hig­her pro­mi­se of the Com­fort­li­ne with its 77kW.

The en­try-le­vel en­gi­ne de­li­vers 55kW po­wer out­put a­vai­la­ble at 4 800rpm. This en­gi­ne has am­ple po­wer and tor­que for dy­n­a­mic and e­ver­y­day dri­ving. From 3 750rpm, the en­gi­ne peaks at 130Nm. In ad­di­ti­on to its li­ve­ly per­for­man­ce, the 1,4-lit­re en­gi­ne has im­pres­si­ve pu­blis­hed fu­el con­sump­ti­on of 5,7 lit­res per 100km.

The Com­fort­li­ne has a 1,4 and 63kW en­gi­ne with 132Nm of tor­que a­vai­la­ble at 3 750rpm pro­mi­sing an a­vera­ge fu­el con­sump­ti­on of 5,9 lit­res per 100km.

In the Com­fort­li­ne Tip­tro­nic and High­li­ne ver­si­ons, 77kW is de­li­ver­ed by a 1,6-lit­re en­gi­ne with a 6-speed ma­nu­al as well as au­to­ma­tic (Tip­tro­nic) trans­mis­si­on. With 153Nm of tor­que at 3 800rpm, this en­gi­ne pro­mi­ses li­ve­ly per­for­man­ce. It on­ly ta­kes 10,8 se­conds to re­ach 100km and has top speed of 188km. On a­vera­ge, it has a pu­blis­hed com­bi­ned fu­el con­sump­ti­on of 6,2 (6,1 for Tip­tro­nic) lit­res per 100km.


The stan­dard and op­ti­o­nal fe­a­tu­res are ex­ten­si­ve with so­me va­ri­a­ti­ons pos­si­ble a­cross the dif­fe­rent spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­on li­nes. P­ri­ces in­clu­de VAT and e­mis­si­ons tax, and are as fol­lows: 1,4 55kW T­rend­li­ne - R179 900; 1,4 63kW Com­fort­li­ne - R192 000; 1,6 77kW Com­fort­li­ne Tip­tro­nic - R221 900; 1,6 77kW High­li­ne R214 900; 1,0 TSI 81kW GT - R245 000.

The Volks­wa­gen Po­lo Vi­vo Ha­tch co­mes stan­dard with a three y­e­ar or 120 000km war­ran­ty and a six y­e­ar an­ti-cor­ro­si­on war­ran­ty.

A Volks­wa­gen Au­to­mo­ti­on Main­te­nan­ce Plan as well as a Volks­wa­gen Au­to­mo­ti­on Ser­vi­ce Plan are a­vai­la­ble as op­ti­ons.

Ser­vi­ce in­ter­vals are e­very 15 000km.

The Po­lo Vi­vo is al­re­a­dy a fa­mi­li­ar sig­ht on our ro­ads and li­ke­ly to re­main so thanks to the la­test mo­del’s in­tro­ducti­on.

The in­te­ri­or of the GT mo­del has tou­ches of red in the ca­bin de­sign.

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