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En­su­re your vehi­cle is ro­ad­worthy. Re­mem­ber to check all fluids in the vehi­cle.

Ma­ke su­re the re­ar and front sig­nal lig­hts, wipers and he­ad­lig­hts are wor­king. Al­so check the ty­re we­ar and te­ar.

En­su­re you ha­ve a spa­re w­heel, first-aid kit and fi­re ex­tin­guis­her in the vehi­cle.

It is ne­ver a bad i­dea to plan your rou­te. Ta­ke no­te of all fil­ling sta­ti­ons, po­li­ce sta­ti­ons and hos­pi­tals.

Ha­ve a look at the we­at­her fo­re­cast for the rou­te you are going to ta­ke as well as the a­rea you will be spen­ding ti­me at to de­ter­mi­ne if it is still worthw­hi­le to go. If you de­ci­de to go, ma­ke su­re you pack ap­pro­pri­a­te­ly.

W­hen packing, con­si­der w­he­re you are going and w­hat you are going to be doing. Ta­ke the ap­pro­pri­a­te clot­hes and shoes.

Keep a list of te­lep­ho­ne num­bers of pe­op­le to con­tact and your me­di­cal his­to­ry. This will co­me in han­dy in ca­se an e­mer­gen­cy.

Let pe­op­le you trust know w­he­re you are going and w­hen they can ex­pect you back.

Al­ways en­su­re child­ren in the vehi­cle are ap­pro­pri­a­te­ly re­strai­ned. Use a child sa­fe­ty se­at w­he­re ap­pli­ca­ble and en­su­re it is s­trap­ped in cor­rect­ly.

Do not dri­ve whi­le un­der the in­flu­en­ce of d­rugs or al­co­hol.

If you are dri­ving in di­rect suns­hi­ne, we­ar sung­las­ses. Gla­re strains the ey­es and adds to fa­ti­gue.

Do not we­ar tin­ted glas­ses af­ter dark. Alt­hough they help re­du­ce the dazz­le of on­co­ming he­ad­lig­hts, they re­strict your a­bi­li­ty to see dim­ly lit ob­jects.

Ma­ke su­re you rest be­fo­re your jour­ney. Ta­ke as ma­ny bre­aks as you need whi­le dri­ving.

Re­frain from ro­ad ra­ge. If so­meo­ne an­noys you, rat­her keep your dis­tan­ce and ig­no­re them.

Be a­lert at all ti­mes and do not speed.

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