Bold in­ter­na­ti­o­nal de­but for new Tou­a­reg

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The new t­hi­rd ge­ne­ra­ti­on Tou­a­reg is ex­pected to ar­ri­ve in South A­fri­ca in the t­hi­rd quar­ter of 2018 af­ter its of­fi­ci­al un­vei­ling in Bei­jing on 23 March.

It is ba­sed on the MLB Evo plat­form that un­der­pins the Au­di Q7, Porsche Cayen­ne, Bent­ley Ben­tay­ga and the im­mi­nent Lam­bor­g­hi­ni Urus. The SA-bound Tou­a­reg is said to ha­ve lost so­me weig­ht. Volks­wa­gen says it is 106kg lig­h­ter than the out­going mo­del.

Alt­hough lig­h­ter, it has gro­wn in di­men­si­ons. It is 4 878mm long - 77mm lon­ger than its pre­de­ces­sor. It is al­so 44mm wi­der than be­fo­re, whi­le its roof is 7mm clo­ser to the ground at 1 702mm.

With the re­ar se­ats in pla­ce, VW claims lug­ga­ge ca­pa­ci­ty of 810 lit­res, which is 113 lit­res mo­re than the se­cond-ge­ne­ra­ti­on mo­del. The in­te­ri­or bo­as­ts VW’s new In­no­vi­si­on Cock­pit, which links a cen­tral­ly moun­ted 15” in­fo­tai­n­ment tou­chscreen with the brand’s fa­mi­li­ar 12” di­gi­tal in­stru­ment clus­ter.

In terms of en­gi­ne de­ri­va­ti­ves, t­he­re is a 3,0-lit­re V6 tur­bo­die­sel in two va­ri­a­ti­ons at 170kW and 210kW, and a 250kW, 3-lit­re V6 pe­trol en­gi­ne.

Volks­wa­gen says it mig­ht bring out a 4-lit­re V8 tur­bo­die­sel with 310kW and a plug­in hy­brid with 270kW.

The ul­ti­ma­te SUV com­bi­ning e­le­gan­ce and po­wer in­to a vehi­cle with a luxu­ri­ous­ly de­sig­ned in­te­ri­or and bold ex­te­ri­or

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