Mit­subis­hi ASX flags­hip gets e­ven bet­ter

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T­he­re are tho­se of us who are scep­ti­cal a­bout how vehi­cles with CVT ge­ar­boxes can be­co­me flags­hip mo­dels at all, but that is be­cau­se we are too set in our dri­ving ways. The c­han­ges ma­de to the top-of-the ran­ge Mit­subis­hi ASX we­re do­ne af­ter ex­ten­si­ve mar­ket re­se­arch to furt­her im­pro­ve this cros­so­ver’s glo­bal sa­les per­for­man­ce.

This was do­ne af­ter ex­ten­si­ve mar­ket re­se­arch, Mit­subis­hi says, to ma­ke vehi­cles mo­re ap­pe­a­ling to mo­dern-day cros­so­ver SUV dri­vers. The mo­re mo­dern ge­ne­ra­ti­on of dri­vers thus ex­plains the choi­ce of ge­ar­box.

The ASX is a re­al­ly cool vehi­cle. In terms of looks, t­he­re is a new front gril­le de­sign with ad­ded chro­me gar­nish and a new bum­per de­sign with a spor­ty ho­ney­comb pat­tern a­bo­ve the lo­wer spoi­ler.

LED day­lig­ht run­ning lig­hts bring it rig­ht up to da­te.


The back al­so gets a new bum­per de­sign with car­bon fi­b­re in­serts and a dif­fu­ser for a sportier look, as well as ad­ded chro­me gar­nish and LED re­ar fog lamps. A­not­her cos­me­tic chan­ge to the sty­lish GLS CVT de­ri­va­ti­ve is a re­de­sig­ned cen­t­re con­so­le with de­co­ra­ti­ve trim in a ge­o­me­tric pat­tern, fe­a­tu­ring two USB ports and a mo­bi­le pho­ne tray with re­mo­va­ble pad­ded li­ner.

The de­sign and ma­te­ri­als u­sed in the cen­t­re con­so­le, the dashbo­ard cen­t­re pa­nel and po­wer win­dow switch pa­nels ha­ve al­so been up­gra­ded. Mit­subis­hi al­so re­de­sig­ned the CVT shift le­ver, in­clu­ded a new se­at de­sign with red stit­ching, as well as the soft-tou­ch knee pads on the out­si­de of the cen­t­re con­so­le to round off the new look on the in­si­de of this sty­lish de­ri­va­ti­ve.

S­tri­king new 18” di­a­mond-cut al­loy w­heels and a new sil­ver bo­dy co­lour with en­han­ced brig­ht­ness dis­tin­guish the GLS CVT from the rest of the ASX ran­ge.

“The cos­me­tic c­han­ges and techni­cal en­han­ce­ments ma­de to our ASX ran­ge-top­per ma­ke our new GLS CVT the i­de­al fa­mi­ly cros­so­ver: re­a­dy for any trip and des­ti­na­ti­on,” says Nic Camp­bell, ge­ne­ral ma­na­ger of Mit­subis­hi Mo­tors South A­fri­ca (MMSA). “The gre­at news, ho­we­ver, is that Mit­subis­hi’s new class-le­a­ding INVECS-III CVT with a six-s­tep S­ports Mo­de is now fit­ted to this new mo­del. CVTs are gai­ning po­pu­la­ri­ty with cu­s­to­mers in the cros­so­ver mar­ket and the ASX is of­fe­ring dri­vers one of the be­st CVTs a­vai­la­ble.”

O­ver the past few y­e­ars, CVTs ha­ve be­co­me a re­gu­lar fe­a­tu­re in smal­ler ci­ty cars and cross-o­ver SUVs. The CVT keeps the en­gi­ne in its op­ti­mum po­wer ran­ge at all ti­mes, re­sulting in im­pro­ved fu­el ef­fi­cien­cy, lo­wer exhaust e­mis­si­ons and a smoot­her and mo­re com­for­ta­ble ri­de. It al­so en­su­res ef­fort­less acce­le­ra­ti­on from any speed and with se­am­less ge­ar c­han­ges.


The ran­ge-top­ping ASX bo­as­ts a soft-feel le­at­her in­te­ri­or, in­clu­ding a le­at­her-co­ve­r­ed mul­ti­functi­on s­teer­ing w­heel.

O­ver and a­bo­ve the al­re­a­dy high stan­dard spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­on le­vel of­fe­red by the ASX ran­ge, such as se­ven ai­r­bags and a host of ot­her acti­ve and pas­si­ve safety fe­a­tu­res, the GLS CVT has acti­ve sta­bi­li­ty and tracti­on con­t­rol (ASTC) and hill start as­sist (HSA).

The GLS CVT al­so co­mes stan­dard with a chro­ma­tic re­ar view mir­ror, a re­ar view ca­me­ra, re­ar park dis­tan­ce con­t­rol, he­a­ted and fold-a­way si­de mir­rors with built-in in­di­ca­tor lig­hts, LED day­ti­me run­ning lig­hts and a key­less o­pe­ra­ting sy­stem.

The GLS mo­dels are fit­ted with a full-length pa­no­ra­mic glass roof with ul­tra-vi­o­let (UV) pro­tecti­ve co­a­ting and one-tou­ch co­ver and ad­jus­ta­ble LED mood-lig­hting.

“Our new ASX GLS CVT mo­del is Mit­subis­hi’s flags­hip li­fe­sty­le cros­so­ver SUV,” says Camp­bell. “It of­fers an in­cre­a­sed ri­de heig­ht, ex­ten­si­ve acti­ve and pas­si­ve safety fe­a­tu­res, con­tem­po­ra­ry sty­ling and luxu­ri­ous com­fort and s­pa­ce, ma­king it the most de­si­ra­ble mo­del in the ASX ran­ge. The be­st news, though, is that we we­re a­ble to keep the re­tail p­ri­ce of this de­ri­va­ti­ve at the sa­me le­vel as the pre­vi­ous GLS CVT mo­del.”


The GLS CVT is co­ve­r­ed by a three y­e­ar or 100 000km ma­nu­fac­tu­rer’s war­ran­ty and a fi­ve y­e­ar or 90 000km ser­vi­ce plan with 15 000km ser­vi­ce in­ter­vals. P­ri­cing starts at R399 995.

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