Re­li­ve a new ad­ven­tu­re...

The new Su­ba­ru Out­back will ta­ke fa­mi­ly ou­tings in its stri­de and be­fo­re long it will hold so ma­ny me­mo­ries it will feel li­ke part of the gang.

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W­hen it was in­tro­du­ced in South A­fri­ca in 1994, the Out­back was one of the first cars to be e­quip­ped with all-w­heel dri­ve (AWD), which me­ans all four w­heels are dri­ven all the ti­me. Su­ba­ru is the ackno­w­led­ged in­du­stry stan­dard, with Toyo­ta as a sig­ni­fi­cant share­hol­der (18%) to s­ha­re techno­lo­gy. It can lay claim to being the o­ri­gi­nal cros­so­ver and it re­mai­ned true to its co­re as an au­then­tic cros­so­ver e­ver sin­ce.

Glo­bal­ly, the Su­ba­ru Out­back re­pre­sents the spi­rit of ad­ven­tu­re for which the brand is kno­wn - go-a­ny­w­he­re ca­pa­bi­li­ty, with a pre­mi­um in­te­ri­or and techno­lo­gy to suit any li­fe­sty­le. Few vehi­cles in the seg­ment can ma­tch its 512-lit­re car­go s­pa­ce which can ex­tend to 1 801 lit­res with the back se­ats fol­ded do­wn.

The most sig­ni­fi­cant de­sign up­da­tes ap­pear at the front with a re­vi­sed bum­per de­sign that has shar­per ed­ges and less accen­tu­a­ted fog lamp sur­rounds. Lar­ger front clad­ding now en­han­ces pro­tecti­on w­hen the ve­hi­cle is dri­ven off-ro­ad, so­mething that Out­back o­w­ners tend to do qui­te of­ten.

In­cor­po­ra­ted in the front gril­le is a ca­me­ra lens for the new front view mo­ni­tor, which is part of the d­ri­ver as­sis­tan­ce packa­ge. Su­ba­ru has ad­ded two new co­lours to the ran­ge: C­rimson Red Pe­arl and Wil­der­ness G­reen Me­tal­lic.


The en­gi­nes on the two Su­ba­ru Out­back va­ri­ants in South A­fri­ca re­main un­chan­ged. The Out­back 2,5i-S ES is po­we­red by the FB25 2 498cc, four-cy­lin­der, Boxer pe­trol en­gi­ne, with 16 val­ves, twin cams­hafts per bank and va­ri­a­ble val­ve ti­ming. The en­gi­ne de­li­vers 129kW at 5 800rpm and 235Nm at 4 000rpm.

We dro­ve the flags­hip mo­del Out­back 3,6R-S ES, which em­ploys an EZ36 3 630cc six­cy­lin­der Boxer en­gi­ne that fe­a­tu­res four val­ves per cy­lin­der, dou­ble o­ver­he­ad cams­hafts and va­ri­a­ble ig­ni­ti­on ti­ming. It’s a po­wer­ful mo­tor that pro­du­ces 191kW at 6 000rpm and 350Nm at 4 400rpm, sus­tai­ning 90% of its peak tor­que be­t­ween 2 000 and 6 000rpm. The re­sult of t­his is an ex­cep­ti­o­nal­ly responsive en­gi­ne.

The en­gi­ne is highly ef­fi­cient with an of­fi­ci­al fu­el con­sump­ti­on fi­gu­re of 9,9 lit­res per 100km. It is ma­ted with Su­ba­ru’s stan­dard Li­ne­ar­tro­nic con­ti­nu­ous­ly va­ri­a­ble trans­mis­si­on (CVT) with a se­ven-speed ma­nu­al mo­de and pad­d­le shift con­trols be­hind the s­teer­ing w­heel.

The Out­back com­bi­nes its 213mm ground cle­a­ran­ce with sym­me­tri­cal all-w­heel dri­ve (AWD) and acti­ve tor­que vec­to­ring sys­tems for mo­re a­gi­le and ca­pa­ble dri­ving on va­ried ter­rain. Tor­que is dis­tri­bu­ted to w­he­re it is nee­ded most, de­pen­ding on tracti­on and po­wer to e­ach w­heel.


The Su­ba­ru Out­back is e­quip­ped to tackle any ad­ven­tu­re thanks to fe­a­tu­res in­clu­ding con­ve­nient re­trac­ta­ble cross­bars for lo­a­ding e­ver­y­thing from roof car­riers, s­kis, ka­y­aks and bi­kes wit­hout the need for ad­di­ti­o­nal cross-bars.

In spi­te of its ad­ven­tu­rous na­tu­re, the Out­back is re­fi­ned, with a com­for­ta­ble, qua­li­ty dri­ving ex­pe­rien­ce. New sound-in­su­la­ting glass has been u­sed for the front si­de win­dows as well as thic­ker in­su­la­ti­on on the re­ar w­heel wells for a qui­e­ter ca­bin with less wind noi­se. The air-con­di­ti­o­ning sy­stem has al­so been im­pro­ved to dis­tri­bu­te air to the ca­bin fas­ter and mo­re e­ven­ly.

The in­te­ri­or has re­cei­ved a ma­ke­o­ver with a mo­re con­tem­po­ra­ry la­yout. Not e­ver­y­bo­dy li­kes a gloss fi­nish due to its ten­den­cy to smud­ge, but we li­ked the so­phi­sti­ca­ted dashbo­ard’s pa­nel in­serts in pi­a­no black with sil­ver sur­rounds. T­his de­tail is car­ried from the in­stru­ment bin­na­cle to the cen­t­re stack and front air vents all the way to the pas­sen­ger si­de.

The s­teer­ing w­heel has new multi-functi­on con­trols for the in­fo­tai­n­ment sy­stem, Ey­eSig­ht d­ri­ver as­sis­tan­ce sy­stem as well as the mul­ti­functi­on ve­hi­cle dis­play screens.

An all-new 7” in­fo­tai­n­ment sy­stem has been car­ried o­ver from the Im­pre­za and XV mo­dels laun­ched in South A­fri­ca in 2017.

The s­creen is the key to en­ter­tai­n­ment, con­necti­vi­ty and Sat­nav functi­o­na­li­ty. The sy­stem is fas­ter and now of­fers An­droid Au­to and Ap­ple CarPlay smart pho­ne con­necti­vi­ty for sa­fer dri­ving. The voi­ce-con­trol­led sy­stem u­ses two mi­crop­ho­nes and techno­lo­gy that of­fers im­pro­ved in­te­racti­on with voi­ce calls, Ap­ple Si­ri or OK Google voi­ce com­mands. Pas­sen­gers can con­nect through two ad­di­ti­o­nal USB ports, which are com­pa­ti­ble to char­ge smartp­ho­nes and ta­blets, at the back of the cen­t­re con­so­le for use in the re­ar se­ats.


Su­ba­ru South A­fri­ca laun­ched the glo­bal­ly accep­ted Ey­eSig­ht D­ri­ver As­sist sy­stem in 2017 and it is of­fe­red on both Out­back va­ri­ants. The award-win­ning safety sy­stem em­ploys ste­reo ca­me­ras to view the front of the ve­hi­cle and scan a­he­ad for ob­structi­ons or ob­sta­cles. The sy­stem in­clu­des a­dap­ti­ve crui­se con­t­rol, pre-col­li­si­on bra­king, pre-col­li­si­on thrott­le ma­na­ge­ment and ve­hi­cle la­ne de­par­tu­re and sway war­ning. Al­so stan­dard is blind spot de­tecti­on and re­ar cross traf­fic a­lert.

Au­to­ma­tic locking of the doors is acti­va­ted from 20km. The sy­stem is de­sig­ned to un­lock the doors w­hen a col­li­si­on occurs and the ai­r­bags ha­ve de­ploy­ed.


P­ri­cing for the 2,5i-S ES is R579 000 and co­mes with a three y­e­ar or 75 000km full main­te­nan­ce plan and a fi­ve y­e­ar or 150 000km war­ran­ty.

P­ri­cing for the flags­hip 3,6R-S ES is R649 000 and it al­so co­mes with a three y­e­ar or 75 000km full main­te­nan­ce plan and fi­ve y­e­ar or 150 000km war­ran­ty.

The main­te­nan­ce plans can be ex­ten­ded to fi­ve y­e­ars or 150 000km at the ti­me of pur­cha­se. The 2018 Su­ba­ru Out­back is now a­vai­la­ble at Su­ba­ru Ge­or­ge.

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The glo­bal­ly Ey­eSig­ht D­ri­ver As­sist sy­stem in acti­on

Ea­se of en­try to the boot as well as au­to­ma­tic clo­sing ma­ke er­rands child's play.

The 7" in­fo­tai­n­ment sy­stem

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