Vol­vo XC60 is Wor­ld Car of the Y­e­ar

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The new Vol­vo XC60 midsi­ze SUV was na­med Wor­ld Car of the Y­e­ar 2018 at the re­cent New York Au­to S­how. The XC60 al­so scoop­ed the pres­ti­gi­ous North A­me­ri­can U­ti­li­ty Ve­hi­cle of the Y­e­ar a­ward e­ar­lier this y­e­ar, whi­le the XC40 small SUV was na­med Eu­ro­pe­an Car of the Y­e­ar at the Ge­ne­va Mo­tor S­how in March. The Wor­ld Car of the Y­e­ar win is the first in this com­pe­ti­ti­on for Vol­vo Cars.

“I am ple­a­sed to see our com­pa­ny’s pro­duct in­ves­t­ments paying off,” said Hå­kan Sa­mu­els­son, pre­si­dent and CEO of Vol­vo Cars. “We we­re up a­gainst so­me tough com­pe­ti­ti­on, but this a­ward for the XC60 shows that Vol­vo has the rig­ht com­bi­na­ti­on of de­sign, con­necti­vi­ty and sa­fe­ty that ap­pe­als to cu­s­to­mers a­cross the wor­ld.”

In the new XC60, Eu­ro NCAP’s be­st o­ver­all per­for­mer in 2017, Vol­vo’s ci­ty sa­fe­ty au­to­no­mous e­mer­gen­cy bra­king sy­stem has been en­han­ced with s­teer­ing sup­port w­hen au­to­ma­tic bra­king al­o­ne may not help a­void a po­ten­ti­al col­li­si­on. In ad­di­ti­on, on­co­ming la­ne mi­ti­ga­ti­on with s­teer as­sist (which helps mi­ti­ga­te he­ad-on col­li­si­ons) and blind spot in­for­ma­ti­on sy­stem (BLIS) with s­teer as­sist functi­o­na­li­ty ha­ve been ad­ded to re­du­ce the risk of la­ne-chan­ging col­li­si­ons.

XC60 is a­vai­la­ble with a ran­ge of die­sel and pe­trol en­gi­nes as well as Vol­vo Cars’ a­ward­win­ning T8 T­win En­gi­ne pe­trol plug-in hy­brid at the top of the po­wer­train ran­ge.

The­se two ac­co­la­des ca­me hot on the heels of Sa­mu­els­son being a­war­ded Wor­ld Car Per­son of the Y­e­ar by a pa­nel of in­ter­na­ti­o­nal me­dia in Ge­ne­va. He was gi­ven this inau­gu­ral a­ward in re­cog­ni­ti­on of his work in dri­ving the success of Vol­vo Cars in re­cent y­e­ars.

The new Vol­vo XC60 will be a­vai­la­ble in South A­fri­ca from mid-2018.

Hå­kan Sa­mu­els­son

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