In lig­h­ter vein: the bus dri­ver who tried to hi­de

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Ha­ve you e­ver felt that des­pe­ra­te need to get out of a traf­fic fi­ne?

T­hen you will re­la­te to this spe­ci­fic bus dri­ver from C­hi­na. In an ef­fort to a­void get­ting a tic­ket, he hid un­der his bus, re­fu­sing to mo­ve e­ven af­ter the cops dis­co­ve­r­ed him.

Af­ter trying to get him to co­me out and not succee­ding, the traf­fic of­fi­cers cal­led a tow truck. This tactic did not work either.

The man cra­w­led al­ong in ti­me with the mo­ving ve­hi­cle. E­ven­tu­al­ly, he was pul­led out by for­ce and ta­ken in­to cus­to­dy.

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