Ma­z­da sees dra­ma­tic sa­les gro­wth in SA

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Ma­z­da Sout­hern A­fri­ca’s bu­si­ness re­sults re­flect ro­bust gro­wth for the 2017-18 fis­cal y­e­ar, with hig­hest re­cor­ded vehi­cle sa­les sin­ce in­de­pen­dent o­pe­ra­ti­ons star­ted in Oc­to­ber 2014.

From A­pril 2017 to March 2018, Ma­z­da SA a­chie­ved sa­les vo­lu­mes of 13 868 u­nits re­sulting in gro­wth of 13,5% y­e­ar-on-y­e­ar. Ma­z­da’s mar­ket share ro­se to 2,5% from 2,2% in the pre­vi­ous y­e­ar, in an in­du­stry which on­ly grew 0,2% du­ring the last fis­cal y­e­ar.

Of the to­tal u­nits sold, Ma­z­da CX-5 and the Ma­z­da3 are two of the com­pa­ny’s big­ge­st sel­lers with 50% of the sa­les vo­lu­me w­hen com­bi­ned. Ma­z­da2 and Ma­z­da CX-3 ac­count for 46% of the sa­les vo­lu­me, w­hi­le the BT-50 and MX-5 re­pre­sent the re­mai­ning 4%.

Ma­z­da Fi­nan­ci­al Ser­vi­ces, in­clu­ding the re­cent in­tro­ducti­on of MFS Com­pre­hen­si­ve In­su­ran­ce, has al­so en­su­red that Ma­z­da de­a­lers can of­fer be­st-in-class ser­vi­ces and pro­ducts to cu­s­to­mers. Ma­z­da Fi­nan­ci­al Ser­vi­ces grew by o­ver 172% in the fi­nan­ci­al y­e­ar just com­ple­ted.

Ma­z­da SA’s pri­ma­ry aim sin­ce in­de­pen­dent o­pe­ra­ti­ons be­gan in 2014 has been to re­build the brand on all fronts, in­clu­ding re­sto­ring Ma­z­da re­sa­le va­lu­es. This stra­tegy is being a­chie­ved by for­ming strong re­la­ti­ons­hips with de­a­lers, sup­pliers and o­w­ners.

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Ma­z­da’s CX-5 is one of its be­st sel­lers.

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