New Vol­vo XC40 SUV ar­ri­ves in SA

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The new XC40, Vol­vo’s first pre­mi­um com­pact SUV, is now a­vai­la­ble in South A­fri­ca. With the tit­le of 2018 Eu­ro­pe­an Car of the Y­e­ar un­der its belt, the SUV is set to cre­a­te yet a­not­her stir for the Vol­vo brand lo­cal­ly fol­lo­wing in the steps of the highly success­ful and mo­dern XC90, S90 and V90 Cross Coun­try.

The S­we­dish-ba­sed ma­nu­fac­tu­rer has thro­wn a­way the ru­le book to cre­a­te a new motoring ex­pe­rien­ce w­he­re in­di­vi­du­al sty­le meets a functi­o­nal and e­le­gant dri­ving en­vi­ron­ment.

The be­spo­ke in­te­ri­or in­her­its all of Vol­vo’s la­test de­sign e­le­ments, in­clu­ding the 9” Sen­sus Con­nect tou­ch screen and di­gi­tal in­stru­ment clus­ter. New de­sign e­le­ments li­ke the op­ti­o­nal con­tras­ting black or whi­te roof, whi­te mir­ror caps and w­heels, Ox­i­de Red le­at­her and “La­va” car­pets, which are ma­de from 100% re­cy­cled ma­te­ri­als, will al­low XC40 cu­s­to­mers to ex­press their own in­di­vi­du­al sty­le.

In­si­de, the XC40 has smart fe­a­tu­res li­ke a re­mo­va­ble rub­bish bin, a cub­by ho­le hook, a de­di­ca­ted smartp­ho­ne stora­ge a­rea with wi­re­less char­ging and a mul­ti-a­dap­ta­ble boot floor for or­ga­ni­sed and har­mo­ni­ous ef­fi­cien­cy.

The Vol­vo XC40 is a­vai­la­ble lo­cal­ly with a choi­ce of two trim le­vels - the spor­ty R-De­sign and e­le­gant Mo­men­tum. T­he­re are al­so two en­gi­nes (D4 die­sel or T5 pe­trol) and all-w­heel dri­ve on all mo­dels. Top-of-the-ran­ge In­scrip­ti­on de­ri­va­ti­ves ar­ri­ve la­ter in 2018, as well as the T3 front-w­heel dri­ve ver­si­on.

Says G­reg Ma­ruszew­ski, MD Vol­vo Car South A­fri­ca, “This car is per­fect­ly sui­ted to the South A­fri­can mar­ket. It’s luxu­ri­ous, ca­pa­ble and com­pact, plus pri­cing is ex­tre­me­ly com­pe­ti­ti­ve.”


Ci­ty sa­fe­ty with front col­li­si­on war­ning and full au­to­ma­tic bra­ke is stan­dard in the new XC40. This sy­stem sen­ses po­ten­ti­al col­li­si­ons, e­ven w­hen it is dark, and can acti­va­te the bra­kes au­to­ma­ti­cal­ly. It pro­vi­des three le­vels of in­ter­ven­ti­on; war­ning, bra­ke sup­port and full au­to­no­mous bra­king.

The ground-b­re­a­king pe­de­stri­an, cy­clist and lar­ge a­ni­mal de­tecti­on techno­lo­gy de­tects and au­to­ma­ti­cal­ly bra­kes the vehi­cle in the e­vent of a pe­de­stri­an, cy­clist or lar­ge a­ni­mal step­ping, swer­ving or jum­ping in front of the car. The ad­van­ced sen­sor sy­stem scans the a­rea a­he­ad and will prompt you to act with a flashing war­ning lig­ht, al­ong with an au­di­ble a­larm. If a col­li­si­on re­mains im­mi­nent, the car im­me­di­a­te­ly bra­kes with full bra­king for­ce.

Re­ar­ward fa­cing ra­dar de­tects if a re­ar im­pact is im­mi­nent and sa­fe­ty belts are tig­h­te­ned in ad­van­ce to pro­tect the occu­pants. Lig­hts al­so start flashing to warn the dri­ver be­hind and bra­kes are acti­va­ted to help re­du­ce the im­pact mo­vement.

Lane kee­ping aid is a stan­dard-fit­ted sy­stem that helps the dri­ver keep the car in its lane by gent­ly s­teer­ing the car back if it is a­bout to cross a lane mar­king and if the car sen­ses that the dri­ver is not dri­ving acti­ve­ly, or not u­sing the in­di­ca­tors. If the sup­p­lied s­teer­ing in­ter­ven­ti­on is in­suf­fi­cient, the dri­ver is a­ler­ted by vi­bra­ti­ons in the s­teer­ing w­heel. The sy­stem is acti­ve be­t­ween 65 and 200km.


The new XC40 can al­so dis­play re­al-wor­ld ro­ad sign in­for­ma­ti­on within the in­stru­ment dis­play. This functi­on al­so has the a­bi­li­ty to warn the dri­ver should the vehi­cle ex­ceed the cur­rent ro­ad speed li­mit.

Vol­vo’s next ge­ne­ra­ti­on of se­mi-au­to­no­mous techno­lo­gy is op­ti­o­nal­ly a­vai­la­ble. A­dap­ti­ve crui­se con­t­rol main­tains the de­si­red set vehi­cle speed but u­ti­li­ses ra­dar to mo­ni­tor the vehi­cle in front and au­to­ma­ti­cal­ly slows do­wn or speeds up. Pi­lot as­sist al­so ta­kes ca­re of the s­teer­ing up to 130km and w­hen lane mar­kings are cle­ar­ly vi­si­ble, by mo­ni­to­ring the a­rea in front of the vehi­cle. It ma­kes the ne­ces­sa­ry s­teer­ing, acce­le­ra­tor and bra­ke in­puts to keep to the de­si­red speed, dis­tan­ce and within the lane mar­kings.

The blind spot in­for­ma­ti­on sy­stem u­ses sen­sors to a­lert the dri­ver to vehi­cles within the mir­ror blind spots on either si­de of the vehi­cle. Cross traf­fic a­lert u­ses ra­dar to pro­vi­de in­for­ma­ti­on to the dri­ver a­bout vehi­cles ap­pro­a­ching from the si­de - for ex­am­ple w­hen re­ver­sing out of a par­king spa­ce. Cross traf­fic a­lert al­so in­clu­des bra­king sup­port, which al­lows the car to bra­ke if an im­pact from either si­de is im­mi­nent.

Park as­sist pi­lot al­lows the car to ta­ke o­ver s­teer­ing con­t­rol in dif­fi­cult pa­ral­lel or per­pen­di­cu­lar par­king spots. The dri­ver is promp­ted to con­t­rol the thrott­le, bra­king and ge­ar in­puts. The “park out” functi­on al­so as­sis­ts in ex­i­ting tig­ht spots.

Du­ring low speed ma­noeu­vres, the vi­su­al park as­sist 360º ca­me­ras pro­vi­de the dri­ver with ad­di­ti­o­nal in­for­ma­ti­on a­bout the car’s sur­roun­dings.


Run off-ro­ad ac­ci­dents are a­mong the lar­ge­st cau­se of sin­gle vehi­cle ac­ci­dents. To com­bat this, Vol­vo Cars has de­ve­lo­ped two sup­port sy­s­tems ai­med at hel­ping to pre­vent this ty­pe of ro­ad accident and al­so pro­tecting the car’s occu­pants in the ca­se of an u­na­voi­da­ble ro­ad de­par­tu­re.

This functi­on is de­sig­ned to help pre­vent un­in­ten­ded ro­ad de­par­tu­res at vehi­cle speeds be­t­ween 65 and 140km. U­sing in­put from the car’s ad­van­ced sen­sor sy­stem, the techno­lo­gy is a­ble to de­tect this risk.

Dis­tracti­on, lack of con­cen­tra­ti­on and fal­ling a­sleep are ma­jor re­a­sons for ac­ci­dents. In 2007 Vol­vo Cars in­tro­du­ced a wor­ld-first techno­lo­gy to com­bat this dan­ger. Dri­ver a­lert con­t­rol keeps track of the car’s path in re­la­ti­on to lane mar­kings on either si­de through the ca­me­ra in the windscreen. If the sy­stem de­tects that the car is being dri­ven in an er­ra­tic man­ner, the dri­ver gets an a­lert in the form of an au­di­ble sig­nal as well as a text mes­sa­ge and a cof­fee cup sym­bol on the dis­play, in­di­ca­ting it’s ti­me to ta­ke a bre­ak.

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