Bell & Ross the of­fi­ci­al wa­tch part­ner of Si­mo­la Hil­l­climb

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Ex­clu­si­ve Fran­co-S­wiss luxu­ry wa­t­ch­ma­ker Bell & Ross has been ap­poin­ted as the of­fi­ci­al luxu­ry wa­tch part­ner for the Ja­guar Si­mo­la Hil­l­climb and will be the ti­me­pie­ce of choi­ce for the 2018 motoring li­fe­sty­le e­vent.

“We are de­lig­h­ted to wel­co­me the Bell & Ross luxu­ry wa­tch brand to the Ja­guar Si­mo­la Hil­l­climb fa­mi­ly,” said Ian Shros­bree, ma­na­ging di­rec­tor of Knys­na Speed Fe­s­ti­val, o­w­ner of the e­vent. “The ad­di­ti­on of Bell & Ross, which is glo­bal­ly re­cog­ni­sed as a pre­mi­um brand and in­vol­ved in For­mu­la One, is a­not­her step in hel­ping us to furt­her rai­se the pro­fi­le of this a­ward-win­ning e­vent.

“Bell & Ross is part of the gre­at S­wiss wa­tch-ma­king tra­di­ti­on and draws its in­spi­ra­ti­on from the his­to­ry of a­vi­a­ti­on, the se­arch for the ex­tre­mes and mi­li­ta­ry spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons, to pro­du­ce in­stru­ments of the hig­hest qua­li­ty. This fits in with our pas­si­on for or­ga­ni­sing and de­li­ve­ring the le­a­ding mo­tor s­port e­vent in South A­fri­ca, an ex­tre­me one at that, and one that is fast de­ve­lo­ping in­ter­na­ti­o­nal at­ten­ti­on and ap­pe­al.”

Bell & Ross joins in­ter­na­ti­o­nal brands Ja­guar and Mo­tul as part­ners to the 2018 Ja­guar Si­mo­la Hil­l­climb. “So­me pro­fes­si­ons, such as ra­cing, re­qui­re ab­so­lu­te pre­ci­si­on. W­hen success de­pends on per­fect ti­ming and e­very se­cond counts, ha­ving a wa­tch a­ble to meet the most ri­gorous stan­dards be­co­mes ab­so­lu­te­ly im­pe­ra­ti­ve,” says Yus­haa De­sai, brand ma­na­ger for

Bell & Ross South A­fri­ca. “Re­li­a­bi­li­ty, per­for­man­ce and re­si­lien­ce are es­sen­ti­al for t­he­se spe­ci­al time­keeping in­stru­ments, and this is w­he­re Bell & Ross ex­cels, ma­king it i­de­al­ly sui­ted to the ex­tre­me per­for­man­ce na­tu­re of the Ja­guar Si­mo­la Hil­l­climb.”

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